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Live News Streaming: Two Bomb Blasts at Brussels Airport, 11 killed

brussels airport blast

The bad news is coming out from Brussels, Capital of Belgium as two explosions occurred at the departure hall of City’s International Airport on March 22, 2016, morning.

According to latest updates, several people are injured in the attack, and an official update on the death toll is yet to be made.

The attack happened after the detainment of a suspect in Paris attack from the Belgian capital. Brussels City Police are now securing the whole city as they are expecting another reprisal action from terrorists. The Government has put the country on high alert to avoid mishaps in the coming hours.

Eye witnesses claim that several people have been evacuated from the airport in stretchers, and this clearly indicates the rise in causalities.

Brussels airport through their official social media handle confirmed this news, and they made it clear that two explosions have happened in the departure hall. The airport authorities also requested people not to come to the airport, and they asked everyone to stay safe.

Watch live news streaming:

Belgian News Agency Belga reports that shots were fired inside the airport, and there were shouts in Arabic shortly before the explosions.

An unconfirmed report states that more than eleven people have been killed, and the death toll may rise in the coming hours.

As per latest updates, another explosion was reported a while ago at a metro station in Brussels close to EU buildings.

Rail travel to the airport and the metro station has been suspended, and Police is clearing all associated areas. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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