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Lenovo unveils smartglasses patent similar to Google Glass

Lenovo unveils the prototype of smart glasses, which looks a lot like the Google Glass. The product is referred to as an “Electronic Device and Sound Capturing Method.” It was made on the urging Lenovo has been doing to allure hardware manufacturers and developers.

Technically, the company aims to team up and invest on the companies that produce the same variety of technology as they do.

Obviously, not all patents make its way to the finish line of stores. Lenovo played it fair and square with the specs of this device.

The device, so as to simply put it, consists of an audio and video recorder as well as light-pump VOD displays that appear to be from Lumus Labs. The said specs will make the glasses into the same as wearable heads-up display.

“Right now there are too many kinds of devices you can develop for the Internet of Things. It’s too rich. Not one company can do it all,” stated Lenovo Senior Vice President Chen Xudong.

The device may seem like the Google glass, but one difference is that Lenovo’s has its battery attached down at the user’s neck. This device has been cautiously made since Lenovo made addressed it as a recording device and not as wearable. If the latter was pursued by the company, they would’ve been liable for lawsuits from competitors.

Moreover, Lenovo is searching for partners with regards to their products’ development ranging from wireless routers to air purifiers for its home market of China. The PC maker is bonding with U.S. smart glasses maker Vuzix to deliver its own product to China.

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