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The latest update from Microsoft fixes 14 issues in Windows 10, but it’s not going smoothly for some.
There is always a chance that something can go wrong during an operating system’s update, and the last patch is creating havoc for some users. It’s not as severe as past update consequences, but it can still hamper productivity.
Read on for the variety of problems that can pop up after the Windows update and what you can do about them. 
Last week, Microsoft pushed out the optional KB5019275 Preview cumulative update for Windows 10 devices. While it doesn’t contain security patches, it corrects 14 bugs that affected usability.
However, some users who opted to install the update are experiencing several Windows-breaking flaws. Acknowledging the problem, Microsoft explains that “the Start menu, Windows search, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps might not work as expected or might have issues opening.”
These affected Windows devices “might have damaged registry keys or data, which might affect apps using Microsoft Office APIs.” Some applications, such as ClickShare, rely on the API to integrate with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Calendar.
The Microsoft team responsible for updates is investigating the problem and only knows that the recent optional update could be the culprit. The group also said the issues could result from updates to installed apps. A follow-up patch isn’t available for now, but there is a workaround.
Microsoft suggests uninstalling apps that integrate with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Calendar and then reinstalling the apps. Updates to affected apps or guidance from the app developer might also be available.
There isn’t an official list of apps that can cause this problem in Windows, but if you installed the latest optional update and things don’t work as intended, you might have the bug. It’s then suggested that you go through your list of integration apps and eliminate them one by one.
Popular applications that can integrate with Microsoft Office include Skype, Teams, Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, DocuSign and Salesforce.
There is no ability to roll back the update, so users are stuck with it until an official fix is available.
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