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TRON Lightcycle / Run is still under construction despite the update to PeopleMover’s narration and the special look at testing during the 40th anniversary of the original “TRON”. And the biggest change to TRON Lightcycle / Run of late seems to be the construction of a large pit.
The walkways are slowly progressing. One walkway will lead to the entrance of the coaster while the other will go straight to Storybook Circus.
The Walt Disney World Railroad will go through the covered tunnel beneath the canopy and next to the walkway.
It appears that construction crews are leveling out the terrain for the next layer of cement. But the the railings for the walkway are still wooden.
There is also a large pit being dug near the walkway to TRON Lightcycle / Run. Perhaps it will be a retention pond or a green space?
From this angle we can see the tracks running underneath the canopy — which is now known as the Upload Conduit.
Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. is still getting some love with the expansion of the awning and the ever present blue tarps.
The pillars are wrapped with white plastic and marked up with red tape.
The exterior wall seems to be getting renovated as well. Only time will tell what this will end up looking like! Are you excited to ride TRON Lightycle / Run? Let us know in the comments below!
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