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Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial aftermath news summary: Wednesday 6 July 2022 – AS USA


– Amber Heard's legal team files motion to set aside defamation trial verdict
– 44-page motion says jury's verdict was "unsupported by evidence"
– Heard lawyers also challenges stated birth year of member of jury
– Johnny Depp remains on tour with musician Jeff Beck
– New date added to Hollywood Vampires' European tour in 2023
Is Johnny Depp coming back as Jack Sparrow in a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?
Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial: Craziest moments and weirdest courtroom appearances
Johnny Depp’s net worth: how much money has the actor made?
Where and when is Johnny Depp and his rock band playing in Europe?
What did Heard tell Savannah Guthrie about Depp trial? Summary, highlights of TV interview
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Key moments from the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial
Johnny Depp thanks his fans for their support during the trial: ‘We did the right thing together’
Bizarre new attack on Amber Heard by Johnny Depp fans, she's pretty…
Johnny Depp's legions of fans have relentlessly hounded Amber Heard on social media and defended their idol. The latest line of attack is a bit bizarre, and the commentary quite cruel, going after her beauty. 
Australia perjury case against Amber Heard over illegal entry of dogs still open
Amber Heard is trying to have the verdict which found her culpable of defamation against ex-husband Johnny Depp awarding him $10 million in damages. However, getting out of paying that hefty penalty might be the least of her worries. 
The Law & Crime Network reports that the FBI is helping the Australian government investigate whether she perjured herself in a Queensland court in 2016.
In 2015, Heard broke strict quarantine laws whnen she failed to declare two dogs, Pistol and Boo, that she and Depp owned. She testified that sleep depravation and jet lag were behind her failing to follow Australia's requirements for pets to enter the country.
But testimony in the previous defamation in the UK puts her declarations into question. She testified that Depp had told her to "grease" a vet and wanted him to ask his former , Kate James, to take the blame for not arranging the necessary paperwork.
Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial: Craziest moments and weirdest courtroom appearances
In case you missed it, last month AS USA's Will Gittins compiled a rundown of the strangest moments witnessed in the Depp v Heard trial. They include: a witness giving testimony while driving, an attorney objecting to their own question, and Depp appearing to fall asleep…

“This discrepancy raises the question whether Juror 15 actually received a summons for jury duty and was properly vetted by the Court to serve on the jury,” Heard’s lawyers said in their motion.
Where and when is Johnny Depp and his rock band playing in Europe?
Even before he found out that he had won his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp took to the road to go on tour with British guitarist Jeff Beck.
The duo are playing a series of concerts across Europe in the lead-up to a cover album called '18' the two recorded together being released 15 July.
Currently in Scandinavia, the show has 12 more concerts in Europe before crossing the Atlantic to come to the US. There has been no word if Depp will join Beck for the US leg of the tour.
But those aren't the only concerts the "Pirates of the Carribean" star has lined up.
Johnny Depp performs with Beck
Interested in seeing Johnny take to the stage? The Guardian has you covered. It seeems that since the trial, Depp has retaken a place on the world stage. Amber Heard on the other hand has not been seen publicaly much since the decision. However, through her legal team the public became aware that she has filed paper work to have the case retried. 
Johnny Depp’s net worth: how much money has the actor made?
A court in Virginia ruled in favour of Johnny Depp on all three counts brought by his legal team, alleging that the actor had been defamed by ex-wife Amber Heard. As part of the ruling, Depp was awarded $15 million in compensation, while Heard’s countersuit was awarded $2 million.
Heard appears likely to appeal the verdict and will almost certainly appeal the compensatory figures given by the jury. However it seems very likely that Depp will receive a substantial payment as a result of the case, to add to his already-huge personal wealth.
Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the 58-year-old has a total net worth of around $150 million, and that figure does not include the compensation payments.
Read more. 
Johnny Depp takes Stockholm with Beck
Johnny Depp has joined the band Beck on tour for their European leg. Currently the band is in Sweden and Johnny sent out a quick message to his fans.  
Depp v Heard aftermath, live updates: welcome
Good morning and welcome to our live blog for Wednesday 6 July 2022, bringing you the latest news on the fallout from the Depp v Heard defamation case.
On Friday, Amber Heard's team filed a motion to set aside the trial verdict, which saw Johnny Depp awarded $10.35 in damages after Heard was found to have defamed her former husband in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Heard also won on one count of her counter-suit against Depp, the seven-person jury in Fairfax, Virginia, ordering Depp to pay his ex-wife $2m.
Johnny Depp has taken a trip across the pond to Europe to play with his rock band. In recent weeks it seems that public attention has driffted away from the case which seems to be leading to some new developments. 
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