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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Making Out in Milan But They've Got Company – TMZ

Honeymooners Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are all over each other — kissing like teens in Milan — but their bodyguard’s all over them … making for a very awkward scene.
The couple was out and about Thursday in Italy’s fashion capital, hitting some of the usual hot spots, and something in the window at Cartier got ’em all charged up … romantically speaking.
The window shopping dissolved into a make-out sesh right there on the street — typical for newlyweds — but Jen and Ben are far from typical. One of their bodyguards was about 2 feet away keeping a watchful eye out for fans, and desperately trying NOT to look at his bosses locking lips.
Tough assignment, for sure
As you know, this romantic getaway comes after the Afflecks got hitched for a second time at Ben’s Georgia estate last weekend.
The elaborate ceremony came after Ben and Jen first eloped in Las Vegas last month.
They followed that up by jetting off to Paris to enjoy a honeymoon, which included some time with their kids too.
That Sin City wedding made their marriage official, making Paris the “official” honeymoon, in our book.
But, we also can’t knock ’em for grabbing some QT in Milan and Lake Como — where they took in spectacular views. Good work if ya can get it!!!
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