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Is Trevor Phillips going full Florida Man when GTA 6 returns to Vice City or has the character been completely written out of the store? The latest GTA Online update has fans talking.
When GTA 5 launched many years ago, Trevor Phillips was instantly a fan favorite. As the wildest of the three protagonists, Trevor was a smash hit thanks to his over-the-top shenanigans and psychopathic behavior.
However, the latest GTA Online Drug Wars update has players wondering what happened to the rampaging madman and if he could be hanging out in Vice City.
An official Rockstar Games blog post describing the DLC update states: Ron Jakowski is so paranoid that friends say he lines the inside of his bucket hat with aluminum foil, but Nervous Ron is onto something for real this time. With Trevor gone, he’s discovered the seedy psychedelic underworld of the Fooliganz.”
The question is, where is he? It’s still early days, but already fans are debating his whereabouts.
On GTAForums, players began wondering what could have happened to Trevor and if the character will ever even be seen again.
While some suggested he could be on his way to Vice City, others think his actor, Steve Ogg, is finished with the GTA franchise.
“Steven Ogg don’t like GTA anymore, so I highly doubt it, when Rockstar says that Trevor is gone is because he’ll never come back to GTA Online, GTA 6 or whatever, only expect Franklin and/or Michael to come back on GTA 6,” one wrote.
“Well, we got plenty new characters, main and side, so I don’t really see a need to bring him back,” another commented.
As Dexerto previously reported, Steve Ogg recently got a bit upset at a fan for a cameo request where Trevor talked about GTA 6, which lead many to believe the actor was tired of the game.
Nothing is confirmed just yet, but the newswire post also teased fans to “Stay tuned in to the Newswire for the latest and greatest, and be prepared for the Last Dose to kick in just when you least expect it…”
With fans buzzing for an official GTA 6 release, hopefully, we won’t have much longer to wait for Rockstar to finally make an announcement.


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