Is now the time to sell your unused items?


If you have spent your time in lockdown combing through your house or garage and realizing how many unnecessary items you have accumulated over the years, you might be looking to lighten that load. In normal circumstances, we spend so much time away from home, at work, or socializing, that it is easy to ignore the clutter that can gather over time. However, when advised to stay at home as much as possible, you might find yourself tripping up over a jumble-sales worth of unused items or feeling the driveway groan under the weight of that extra vehicle you would happily live without. Perhaps you’ve been planning to upgrade your car for a while, but it’s hard to find the time to do so in the midst of your busy day-to-day life. Whatever you’re hoping to get rid of, you might be wondering, ‘is now really the best time to sell?’. The answer to that is yes, but it just depends on what you sell.

Look at what is selling

While in many areas, people are tightening their purse strings, some industries are thriving during the COVID crisis. Never has there been a better time to sell an old bike, for example, or get rid of those dumbbells you know you won’t be lifting any time soon. Home exercise and Yoga equipment is just one industry that appears to have boomed as a direct consequence of gyms closing down and government-issued stay-at-home advice. Puzzles and Tie-Dye kits practically sold out on Amazon at one stage as people scrambled to find new hobbies and ways to stay entertained at home.

What about big-ticket items?


Many people are used to the idea of selling clothes, sports equipment, or unused iPhone chargers online, but what about selling big-ticket items? What about selling your car? Car sales certainly took a hit as a result of the pandemic, and even as restrictions ease, many buyers may be reluctant to visit showrooms and trawl through dealerships. However, with riding on public transport a big ‘no-no’ at the moment, people could be looking to buy second-hand vehicles in order to travel privately and minimize exposure to the virus.

Big-ticket items always sell better when they are more luxurious, but with ‘normal’ life gently beginning to resume, and people looking at ways to travel, this might be the right time to sell your vehicle. Whether it’s to upgrade to something new and exciting, or to loosen up some cash during this tricky time, selling your car now could be ideal. While people assume that it is only easy to sell clothes via an online marketplace, fortunately, certain services allow you to forego dealerships and are designed to help you to sell Ferrari vehicles, for example, with minimal effort and guaranteeing a fair offer.

Everyone needs something

The world is increasingly interconnected, and, although lockdown has seen a chasm open in terms of the physical connection we’re accustomed to, we continue to rely on each other from a distance both emotionally and for our material needs. Zoom choirs have cropped up where amateur singers from across the world collaborate to perform together virtually. Board games have been adapted to be played online, and new games have emerged designed to cater to distance. Selling and buying online and second-hand is just another way in which we rely on each other to have our needs met during a time in which shops and showrooms are either closed or only cautiously beginning to open. Whether it’s a car or a clock, you might just have exactly what someone else is looking for. As they say, ‘one persons’ garbage is another persons’ treasure.’ Or, in this case, one persons’ dusty Picasso puzzle is another person’s new pandemic hobby.

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