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iPhone 15 is around the corner, but it doesn’t mean that rumors about its successor won’t show up either. The last three generations of iPhones have the same screen size. The larger ones have 6,7 inches, and the smaller ones 6,1″. The same will probably play out with iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the change may come with the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max next year. iPhone 16 Pro display should be stretched to 6,9 inches, and the vanilla one’s to 6,3 inches.
This is notably more than the actual 6,1″ diagonal in the vanilla iPhone 14, and 6,7″ in Pro models. The information comes from industry analyst Ross Young, who reported this to MacRumors,
The increasing screen size might result in a little bit larger iPhones, but not necessarily. Namely, the overall size of the iPhone 16 Pro display can remain the same if Apple finds out a way to make even thinner bezels. On next year’s flagships screens, it can be achieved by further development of the design.
Young proved himself many times as a reliable source of information, and he has shown knowledge related to the screen industry. He is also well-known for his predictions on Apple products overall, as they many times turned out to be true. There’s not much reason for doubts about rumors of iPhone 16 Pro display.
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Yesterday we learned that the iPhone 15 lineup will not bring haptic volume buttons as suggested before. Instead, the new 16 Pro models are those that will introduce the new technology. This is set to replace existing physical buttons.
Other information about iPhone 16 lineup is still scarce. Still, we can assume that Apple is already working on a new processor. Some argue that Dynamic Island as we know it may disappear due to Apple’s introduction of an under-screen camera. Others argue that it won’t happen anytime soon, and Dynamic Island will rather be reduced to a punch-hole.
Anyway, iPhone 16 Pro display is probably gonna be larger, so maybe we’re facing another phone growth overall.
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