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iPhone 14 Satellite Feature Likely To Happen? Here's How It Can Lead To Zero Dead Zones – Tech Times


iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity feature is likely to happen, as claimed by experts. If this is true, then this upcoming Apple smartphone will be the company’s first satellite phone. 
The rumored satellite feature was already linked to iPhone 13. Recently, various speculations claimed that iPhone 12’s successor would be the first to feature satellite connectivity. 
However, this didn’t happen. Now, some rumors claim that the new iPhone 14 will use the advanced satellite connectivity feature, allowing it to send SOS messages in cellular dead zones (areas without any connectivity). 
According to PC Mag‘s latest report, iPhone 14 is not the only one receiving the advanced satellite feature. It is also believed that a new Apple Watch might sport the SPOT satellite tracker function. 
iPhone 14 Satellite Feature Likely To Happen? Here's How It Can Lead To Zero Dead Zones
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As of writing, satellite phones are already being used by many people. They bring these gadgets when they are going camping or conducting other nature activities. 
However, most of them are bulky since they need to have more radio power before they send messages to satellites. This may confuse some individuals since Apple ensures that iPhones are as thin as possible. 
Experts stated that an iPhone with satellite connectivity is possible since there are already low-orbit satellites, such as SpaceX’s Starlink cube sats. 
This means that the new iPhone 14 can maintain its thin design since low orbit sats don’t require that much radio power just to receive your messages.  
Apple has been using Qualcomm’s modems to power its iPhone models for the past few years. But, it is believed that the giant tech creator is now working on its own satellite modems. 
These new modems are expected to include the new Apple smartphones that will be released in 2023 and 2024, including iPhone 14. 
Once iPhones start having satellite connectivity features and Apple’s alleged in-house modems, enthusiasts claim zero dead zones can be achieved. 
Apple hasn’t confirmed the official release date of its new iPhone 14. But, Mac Rumors stated that iPhone 13’s successor might arrive around September, which is based on the recent launch timelines of the tech firm. 
Meanwhile, a new secret iPhone text-searching feature has been identified. 
On the other hand, leaked images revealed the rumored Apple two-port USB-C charger
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