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Might as well make answering your phone a little more fun
The ability to choose a custom ringtone was groundbreaking in the early days of the smartphone era. Now it's just one of the countless features supported by all the best Android phones. Even though ringtone customization can get lost in the sea of smartphone magic, it's worth knowing how to do it. This simple process won't take long, and it's bound to brighten your day from time to time.
These steps work for any Android phone using the Android 13 operating system. The method should be similar for older versions of Android.
Completing these steps leaves you with a customized ringtone. Anytime you receive a call, the song (or whatever audio you chose) plays.
Is there a song that's an inside joke between you and a friend? Or maybe a love song that you share with your partner? You can set those as custom ringtones for specific contacts. It's a nice way to personalize the ringtones for people you know well. Follow these steps to do so.
Now you'll know immediately anytime that contact is giving you a ring. Plus, you'll probably crack a smile when you hear their special song.
To choose a song when completing the steps above, you need to have a copy of the song's audio file downloaded on your phone. There are a few ways this can be done. Below are some brief descriptions of the best methods.
You can transfer audio files from your computer to your phone to use them as ringtones. One way of doing this is through a wired connection. By connecting your devices using a USB cable, for example, you can copy the audio file from your computer to your phone's local storage. You can also use cloud storage services like Google Drive to complete this step. Simply upload the audio file to the cloud from your computer, then access and download the file using your phone.
There are ways to get audio files using only your phone if that's what you prefer. You'll need to find an app in the Play Store that allows you to download songs. Start with keywords like free music or download music, and make sure to look into the legality and terms for these apps. There are plenty with decent catalogs. Generally, you will see a download icon next to tracks or playlists once you've found them.
Customizing phone ringtones is a lost art. And suddenly hearing your favorite song now and then can be a pleasant surprise. It's a sure way to start every phone call on a positive note. If you're having trouble with spotty reception or call quality, look into how to make calls using Wi-Fi. Most communication happens through smartphones in the modern day. It's worth taking some time to improve your experience.
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