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Having a Firestick stuck in a boot loop can be frustrating, and no Fire TV devices are immune to issues. Whether it crashes as soon as you turn it on or waits until the worst possible time, when you’re relaxed and watching your favorite show, we’ll give you tips on how to fix it.
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Like any device, Amazon Firesticks can malfunction in a number of different ways. However, there are a few easy tricks to get it back up and running. In this article, we’ll look at five things you can do if your Amazon Firestick is stuck in a boot loop.
Although we’ll be specifically looking at boot loops, these Firestick troubleshooting steps will work for most hardware problems that can happen with your Firestick. You also might find that some of these steps aren’t possible with the issue you’re experiencing (for example, if the device turns off too quickly). In that case, simply move on to the next option. 
There are many bugs that can cause issues with a Firestick. If it’s stuck on a loading screen, you might want to try updating the software or switching cables.
If you’re stuck in a reboot loop, then your Firestick may need a new USB cable or adapter. A software update or factory reset can also help if you still have some control of the device.
In the next five sections, we’ll go from the simplest and most common fixes, to more drastic actions that can help if you’re having a serious issue. Each of these can help, so we suggest you go through each one in order, and follow along with our steps.
Sometimes, Fire TV devices can refuse to work because of a bad cable or faulty connection. This should be the first thing you check. Once you’ve gone through all of the following steps, try to use your Firestick again.
Find the HDMI port that your Firestick is plugged into — usually on the side or back of your TV. Unplug the Firestick and plug it back in, making sure that it’s secure. Note that Amazon recommends using the HDMI extender, but it’s worth testing without it in case it’s broken.
Amazon gives you an AC power adapter with your Firestick as the recommended power supply. If you’re using your TV’s USB port instead, it might not be supplying enough power. Change over to the original power adapter, and make sure the power source is a wall socket rather than a power strip.
If changing the power adapter doesn’t work, then the issue might be the USB cable. Try plugging in a new cable (or just unplugging and replugging in the old one, if you don’t have a replacement). This will also force the Firestick to power cycle (turn off and back on again), which can fix some issues.
Sometimes, the boot loop will be caused by a specific action (like opening an app) or after a set amount of time watching shows. In this case, you might be able to update your Firestick before it restarts. Here, we’ll show you how to do it. 
Turn your firestick on, and click the settings icon on the right-hand side.
Find “My Fire TV” in the bottom-left corner of the settings menu and select it.
The first option will be “about.” Click it.
Finally, find either “check for updates” or “install updates” at the bottom of this list. Select it and wait. Don’t worry if your device turns off during the update, as it won’t break your Firestick. If your device does turn off, simply try again.
Sometimes there can be an issue with the HDMI connection between your TV and your Amazon Firestick that isn’t resolved when you switch cables. In this case, there are a few other things you can try.
Make sure that your Firestick is the only HDMI device connected to your TV. This can fix issues where other devices are sending signals to your TV that cause your Firestick to restart.
It’s possible that the HDMI port on your TV is broken. To check, connect your Amazon Firestick to one of the other ports on your TV.
HDMI devices can communicate with connected devices through standards like Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). However, sometimes this can cause issues. Go into your TV’s settings and toggle this setting on and off to see if it makes a difference. Note that sometimes your monitor may use a different name or an older standard, like DCC.
One way to fix a device that’s causing issues is to clear its cache. Unfortunately, there’s no good way to clear the cache of a Firestick. However, you can clear the cache of a specific app, which can help if you’re having issues with one in particular, such as your Firestick VPN.
Go to the settings page, like you did to check for updates, and select the “applications” button in the top-right corner.
At the bottom of the application settings page, there will be an option titled “manage installed applications.” Select this option.
This menu will give you a list of apps. Scroll down to the app you’re having problems with, and press the rewind button on your remote to clear the cache.
A warning will alert you that you’re going to clear this application’s cache. Click “confirm” to continue.
If you’ve tried everything up to this point and nothing’s worked, but your device is still somewhat responsive, you might want to try a factory reset. This will fix any software issues that a simple update can’t solve. 
Be aware, however, that it will remove any personal data, undo any jailbreak software and require you to set up the Firestick again.  
Just as you did when making sure your Firestick had the latest updates, find the “My Fire TV” option in the bottom-left corner of the settings page, and select it.
At the very bottom of the list, there will be an option labeled “reset to factory defaults.” There’s a warning on the right of what this will do to your accounts, personalized data and installed applications. Once you’ve read this, click the reset button.
To ensure you didn’t press this by accident, there’s a confirmation button. Again, read the warning and be sure you’re alright with it. If you are, select “reset” to begin.
Hopefully, whatever was going wrong with your Firestick has been resolved. It should turn on with your TV screen and shouldn’t enter a restart loop during normal activity. Now you can get back to playing games or watching your favorite shows.
However, if you’re still having issues, then it’s probably a fault with the Firestick itself. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact Amazon to get it fixed. As long as your device is still under warranty, they’ll probably be able to get a replacement sent out to you. 
Did these tips help you fix your Firestick? What issues were you having? Did you find a solution that we missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.
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30 thoughts on “How to Fix Amazon Firestick Stuck in Boot Loop in 2023”
I did not get my problem fixed but it was helpful and I amuck more informed.
Tried all recommended steps still not fixed has anyone got this problem resolved?
Having this problem now and nothing seems to help get past the Amazon screen. Rebooting doesn’t work using remote as instructed.
Helped on the knowledge part but my temor for Fire to gen 3 is flashing green when I press any button while the fire stick being stuck on Fire tv loading in screen and loses connection and goes to error connection blackout screen over and over.
My issue is not fixed. Keeps looping and I can not even get to settings it loops out before I can do anything it will not even power off or on.
It’s very convenient that every time there’s an “issue” troubleshooting always points to every thing except the source. (Amazon)…..cables, ports, power supply………etc………It would be very refreshing to get “we are aware of the problem and we are working on it”………never see that explanation……..
all of the solutions presume you can get to the FireStick menu. what happens when the bootloop doesn’t let you get that far?
You can’t fix a boot loop by going into settings, since you’re stuck in a boot looo.
My fire stick is stuck on “fire tv” logo. I have left it unplugged for hours, have changed HDMI ports with and without the adapter, have changed out power supply with numerous others and have rechargeable brand new charged batteries in my remote. So you tell me what the problem is and how to fix it other than buying a new one….
How do I fix it?
Wow… most of the comments were people attacking the person trying to help who isn’t even affiliated with Amazon… to those saying “stuck in a boot loop means you can’t get the settings”, Firestick boot loops can happen randomly while using the menus or applications. The loops don’t always happen only at the start menu. What she is trying to help the reader with is when the Firestick is running out of memory. If your Firestick is not making it to the menu then the problem is either with your power cord, power supply, or the hardware in the stick itself.
omg, thank you.. I am going through this problem now and I have tried everything. My husband was recording through antenna and for months kept saying we running out of memory /space. Thank you.. let see if by a miracle something happens and I AM the one who will be periodically checking for upgrades, etc LOL.. thanks
I think she would start with the last item since the title says “stuck in Boot” i don’t blame people much since after reading all the options the stuck in boot is only solved by Amazon support
What you just said is not correct… and with attitude lol
Still I am stuck with firetv logo only. I have used the stick hardly for an hour or two after purchase !!
These fire sticks are designed to work just over and 6 months to a year after the warranty expires..that we have ask Jeff… why ?
If you call Amazon they simply offer you to buy another.. with litre or no discount.. that’s the only option.. that’s the selling of the Amazon fire stick.. no help you have to keep buying every year and half or so .. because it’s designed that way to fail ..
Same happened to me; will never buy another Firestick!!!
I bought a insignia fire tv 8 months ago. From day one it kept wanting to restart. I thought it was my internet, it’s not. I even bought a wi- fi extender. That didn’t do a thing. I have done everything to try and solve the issue. Nothing I tried has worked. The tv must be defective. Thanks a lot! Best buy.
This is ridiculous. I’m just going to switch to Roku. I have the only firestick in the house (other tvs are Roku), and they never have all these issues. Firestick has been issue after issue.
It’s my second Fire Stick and when you call Amazon sometimes you run into some real jerks and other times you find very helpful people yesterday I call cause the TV kept going off other times a loop just keeps going around and when you call some of this people wants to keep without a tv for days, is this is what a Fire Stick is all about?
Just my observation… ROKU is not android , you can not load android Apps onto your ROKU device, I found that out the hard way,I resolved to buy a new firestick
I’ve had my fire stick for 6 years or longer. I’ve tried everything to get it working but I decided to just replace it.
How do I fix my firestick the remote isn’t responding. Tried unplugging. Tried different HDMI plugs.
Informative but no solution other than the obvious ones. This started today in the most exhaustive way. Had a few glitches in the past but nothing like this. Restarted Firestick, Modem, router, changed to HDMI, back to wifi, al off it. The last option will be to factory reset. ROKU is not a very good option, I’ve tried it and went back to Forestick.
My fire stick is just loading and has not uploaded
It’s still in boot loops try everything It’s still the same thing what should I do?
If after reading this you still can’t get it working. Contact amazon through your amazon account and they take you through a few steps and if its still not working they will send you a new stick next day you just reuse your old remote and wires. Hope this helps
How do I fix being stuck in a boot loop when I cannot get into the Firestick to get into the settings.
Correct. Ppl who write these “helpful” articles are completely delusional. Stick is going continuos loop so it cannot start yet they are without any shame posting settings menus and what not with screenshots to do stuff in them while yout stick is not passing logo screen in each 10 sec boor cycle. Ridiculous.
Thanks so much for this, this is exactly what mine was doing. Stuck in a reboot loop.
I had upgraded from fire tv 4k to 4k max but didn’t replace the cable or power adapter as it was hidden in the wall. I couldn’t work out why it wasn’t booting. When I checked cable and power adapter I saw I was using and aftermarket one. As soon as I replaced the power adapter with the official Amazon one the fire tv 4k max booted right up. I had no idea the power adapter was the issue. Thanks so much!

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