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Grand Theft Auto 6‘s Miami map may have been revealed in a leaked video.
On the long road to the GTA 6 reveal trailer’s arrival on Tuesday, December 5, Rockstar has faced many leaks across development, including a massive leak in September 2022 which saw plenty of early gameplay appear online.
Several leaked details have surfaced surrounding the game’s new map, which has been all but confirmed to return to the Miami-inspired Vice City. This will also bring the biggest Grand Theft Auto map in the franchise’s long history.
A new video surfaced on TikTok claiming to showcase footage of the Grand Theft Auto 6 map, with the user seemingly in some form of developer mode to show off the Miami skyline and its surroundings.
The 10-second video has since been deleted along with the original posting account azzarossi, but is this footage real?
The leaker claimed to be affiliated with Rockstar North (the company’s Edinburgh location) head of development Aaron Garbut, having shared a blurred photo with the developer before his account was deleted. Unconfirmed reports have claimed the poster to be Garbut’s son or a friend of his son.
Additionally, some have now compared the visible landmarks displayed in the alleged clip to those featured in the gameplay that leaked last year and was confirmed to be legitimate by Rockstar after it suffered a “network intrusion.”
By all accounts, the new footage does appear to align with the leaked gameplay several times suggesting its likely legitimacy. 
The clip also included a shot of a highway with a billboard promoting the Grand Theft Auto universe’s iconic beer brand Pißwasser – a small detail that does help point toward this being real footage from the upcoming title.
Fortunately for Rockstar Games, the scale of this latest alleged GTA 6 video leak is far smaller than the massive “network intrusion” of last September which saw a significant amount of pre-alpha gameplay footage go viral.
As the GTA 6 map is expected to go even bigger than the franchise’s fifth entry, even if this footage does prove to be real, this is only a minuscule taste of what’s to come for the upcoming game, some of which will be revealed on Tuesday. 
Looking at the decade-old reveal trailer for GTA 5, on top of a few peaks of actions and interaction between the leading trio, Rockstar made a point of showing off varied locations across the massive open world.
The studio will likely repeat history for GTA 6 to tease just how massive this map will be, with everything from the famous Miami Beach to the towering skyscrapers players will be visiting when the game arrives in the next few years.
Additionally, Rockstar is bound to reveal its new male and female protagonists, some clues as to the crime spree they will be going on, and a peak at some of the game’s fresh action and vehicle systems. 
An exact release date has yet to be confirmed, but with leaks continuing and the first trailer set for just a few days, players ought to finally have GTA 6 in their hands by 2025, or possibly even as soon as next year.
Rockstar Games will reveal the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 on Tuesday, December 5 at 9 a.m. ET/6 a.m. PT.
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