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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto VI is promised to be nothing short of perfect by Rockstar’s parent company, setting even higher expectations for fans.
The clock is still ticking for a Grand Theft Auto VI announcement, with all bets on Rockstar dropping a trailer anytime this week. As fan hype continues to build, Rockstar’s parent company has dropped a promising update on the state of the game.
Take a look at this stunning recreation of GTA: Vice City below
Take-Two Interactive’s CEO shared that development on GTA VI has been a challenge. Unsurprising given the reputation of the franchise, as well as high expectations from Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.
The CEO went on to confirm that the developers are aiming for “perfection” with the release, and you’d certainly hope so given how long it’s been in the oven.
Grand Theft Auto VI will launch exclusively for the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC, though the PC launch could come sometime after like it did with GTA V. Due to it only launching on new-gen platforms, it can take full advantage of the best hardware, hopefully adding some credibility to all the rumours floating around by the open world and everything you can do in it.
Another recent rumoured doing the rounds is GTA VI using an enhanced version of the RAGE video game engine, which has been used for several years now across multiple titles. The updated engine will reportedly improve in-game physics, as well as render moving water more realistically.
If sources are to be believed, it sounds like Rockstar is really putting their all into the game, even more so when it’s been stated GTA VI is one of the most expensive media products ever made.
We’re still no closer to a release date at the time of writing, but there are still a few days of October left, so there’s still a chance Rockstar will pull an announcement from thin air.
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