Google updates Maps app for iOS with night mode, photo caption editing and labelling feature

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has updated the Maps applications on the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS platform, and now it features the night mode for you to navigate quickly without taking the burn in the eyes from that display’s light. Earlier, users had to switch the display brightness for dark and bright surroundings. But now, you only update the app, and everything is going to be worked out for you without any trouble.

Google Maps for Apple iOS, as we know, is completely free utility and far better than the native Apple Maps apps. With this update, Maps will also be offering a more personalized experience by letting you label the points on the Maps app so as to enhance the future searches. It will also help you with labels, which was previously given to you using the history of searches.

Apart from that, Google Maps is allowing you to change the caption of the posted photos. Maps has done a lot to improve the overall usability and user experience.

Current updated version of the Google Maps is 4.9.0 and is compatible with devices running on iOS 7 or later. Technically, iPhone 4 and above can only take the advantage of this new update or say the complete Google Maps itself.

Even though we rarely find the 2G and 3G networks these days, Maps has been optimized for those who might encounter a 2G network. Countries in East Asia are slowly gearing up for the 4G LTE networks; however, they still have people sticking to 2G networks due to expensive data plans.

Settling this down, the update is ready to replace the older version of the app on your Apple device, and if you haven’t updated it until now go to App Store and in update section give the Maps update button a gentle touch.

On other foot, if we compare the iOS native Maps app and Google Maps, then it is similar to comparing day and night. Indeed, Apple Maps might leave you lost, whereas the Internet giant can efficiently navigate you to a new location or a city.

Apart from that, Apple Maps is still struggling to get the whole world covered. I have been to locations where my MacBook stopped showing me its location in Find My iPhone when Google Maps was excellent at navigating — results are clear as a glass of fresh water.

However, this might change soon, and Apple Inc has been in reports do some changes in the mapping algorithms for the better results, but who cares when we have the Google Maps. Apple Maps is light years behind from the one Internet giant has made.


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