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Google updates Android Wear 2.0 with tons of features to challenge Apple Watch

Android Wear 2.0 is coming, and for some wearable devices – it’s already here. For those who have the LG Urbane, the update is out, and in many cases functioning on those wearable devices better than ever. Interestingly, Android Wear 2.0 has some other impressive features that really have blown users away so far. Things like, having the ability to draw an emoji to send to another individual, to introducing gestures that would completely change the way people use the device itself.

Something as simple as flicking the users wrist upward will continue the individual scrolling through their cards. That’s something that users had been asking for – more useful connectivity – and this time Google delivered. Google has also introduced the ability to keep apps running all the time and it doesn’t appear to impact battery life. That’s saying something – given the fact that users have wanted a simple way to connect with their most important features easily.

Combine these features with easier access, Wi-Fi options, and Bluetooth tethering options that kill the issues that previously existed with Android Wear devices, and Android Wear 2.0 is one of the best additions to the tech world – one could imagine having. This is one of the best situations for all users to have a truly exclusive experience. This way, it keeps users in the loop – but also allows them to work through a new update. One that can grow with users needs and compete with Apple.

That might be the most important fact of all. Now, Android Wear 2.0 gives Google the ability to really take the fight to Apple. While their product has been on the market longer, it also has something that Apple Watch hasn’t had to deal with yet. There haven’t been any issues that need correcting. Now, that’s a somewhat loaded statement – given the fact that the Apple Watch hasn’t been released yet onto the market – but this is a very good reason for Android Wear fans to be excited. This is a good investment for Google, and a worthy update to add to their overall lineup.

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