Google parent company Alphabet abandons Niantic for better future

Google has excluded its one of the Internal start-up Niantic from the umbrella of Alphabet Inc. On being said that, the Internet giant executives added that they will be expanding this company as an individual firm, however, plans to it are still unclear. Niantic is one of the companies that Google started from internal sources, and it was based on the augmented reality gaming experiences.

The San Francisco-based company posted it on Google+ page saying that the company is going to build a new way out from the success it had with the Ingress, one of the most successful projects from this company.

Separating it from the parent company would be good, as it leads to an independent path, however, once a child gets separated from its parent, problems just don’t stop to come into the way. Other than that, Niantic could have great future and without any dependency it can keep on launching new products – bigger and better. It’s just the matter time now.

No matter, Niantic is going to face little more troubles for getting more investments for its future products. Google and other backers and likely to provide this company an excellent platform and, of course, the money it would required to launch its upcoming projects.

Niantic’s one of the most famous product, Ingress, is likely to get new improvements and much more as soon as the company hits the pedal hard to race among the top giants in the industry.

Ingress is an augmented reality multiplayer role playing game. In its early stages, it was solely for the Android devices, but later it moved to the other platforms allowing the Apple iOS users to dive into its world.

The game is much like what we experience in the world. A player has to establish portals such as public art, landmarks or monuments. Progress in the game is measured by how many mind units have been captured by the control fields.

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Apart from this, Google is reshuffling as Alphabet has certainly caught the eyes of many and interest of the Internet and Wall Street. Under Alphabet Inc., Google has divided itself into several components with each division under the control of a CEO. Larry Page and Sergey Brin remain the owner of the parent company, Alphabet.

However, a new war has been initiated because of BMW not giving up the domain it owns. Certainly, the co-founders must have done research before they named it.


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