FREAK bug leaves Android and Apple vulnerable

The FREAK bug which was recently discovered by Internet security specialists has resulted in serious concern within the Apple and Android communities. While the two operating systems might be fighting tirelessly to become the best in the industry – the FREAK bug attacks both. It’s a vulnerability that security experts have said has existed for decades, and now it’s something that all computer users, and experts alike, must begin taking seriously. Right now, it doesn’t appear as though anyone, or any computer has been compromised thanks to the bug, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened ever – or that it couldn’t happen at some point in the near-future. Especially with the frequency at which these types of attacks have been happening as of late.


Ultimately, the hole in the security creates a situation where a website could potentially be tricked into giving your personal information away in what’s being described as a middle man attack by some. Essentially, the website in question is tricked into believing that the security credentials of the user and the browser are legitimate – meanwhile, the bug is exploiting the very existence of the person on that website. Security experts warn that about a third of all encrypted websites that are online are susceptible to this type of attack, which draws serious concern from those who are running around on the Internet.

That being said though, this isn’t something that has been exploited to anyone’s knowledge – making it something that experts warn just needs to be fixed. Both websites and companies can make improvements to their security features which would ultimately remedy the situation – and at this point it would appear as though all parties involved are working to come up with a solution sooner, rather than later. It’s important to note how fast a bug like this could result in disaster if the wrong information got in the hands of the wrong person.


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