Four Vlog Ideas to Gain an Audience Online


Vlogging is the practice of turning a camera onto yourself while simply living your life in the style of a video diary where you address the audience. This type of video making is incredibly popular on YouTube, so much so that it now boasts various subsections and niches, meaning that people of every interest can slot into vlogging and find an audience straight away.

Some vlogging categories are more popular than others, and attract completely different audiences, making them prime places to start off in, providing you have an interest in that category. Here are four of the best types of vlogs that have a huge audience online.

Make-up Tutorials

Make-up tutorials are the powerhouse of the online vlog, attracting a huge viewership among multiple platforms. Those savvy with their beauty products can find themselves in an influential position here, as you create videos encouraging others to try out your creative looks and techniques. Some of the most popular people on YouTube are beauty vloggers, meaning that there’s potential to turn yourself into a digital star with this medium.

There’s also so much freedom and creativity in this domain, as you can showcase things such as artistic body-paint, historical make-up looks, or just simply all the different types of eyeliner you like. You can also review various make-up items, giving others an idea of where to shop. Of course, when going down this route, you may need to spend a bit on items before getting sponsorships, but with an Ulta Coupon, you should be able to get some great beauty products to review for cheaper.


Fashion Vlogs

In a similar vein to makeup and beauty vlogs, fashion vlogs have a comparable aesthetic and feel to them, however, this time the focus is on various different clothes and outfits. Starting a fashion vlog could be a nice creative outlet to encourage you to try out some fun clothing combinations and styles and gives you a platform to play around with troupes and trends.

Successful fashion vlogs can also become very lucrative, as sponsors and brands love them, as it’s a place where they can advertise their own garments and get an accurate and reliable review on them, so if you want some free clothes, trying to make a fashion vlog could be the way to go.

Travel Vlogs

People love traveling, but unfortunately, not everyone has the funds or the free time to be jetting off to interesting and fun locations all the time. So instead, what a lot of people do is spend time watching others explore the world and engage with new cultures and landscapes that way.

Starting a travel vlog is a great thing to do if you’re already an active traveler, and these videos can start to be a great way to log and store your adventures. It’s also a good idea to think about doing one if you’re going on a long trip somewhere exotic as there’s a huge appetite for those kinds of trips. For inspiration, here are some of the best travel vloggers out there.

Gaming Vlogs

There are a lot of people out there who like gaming, and most of these people like watching others play too. Some may enjoy watching a pro absolutely dominate a certain game, while others might just want to get a glimpse of a game that they don’t own but are interested in getting. Either way, there is a huge appetite for this kind of content, so if you find yourself playing a lot of games, why not get a capture card, record your games and audio and start building an audience as you engage in your favourite pastime. The initial set-up costs for this can be pricey as there’s a fair bit of tech you need to pull it off, but once you have it, you’re flying.

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