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Planning to buy an iPhone 14 / 14 Plus or iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max? With sales of the former underwhelming due to minor upgrades and availability of the latter back-ordered until 2023, you might want to rethink your plans. And this is the smartphone you should buy…
The iPhone 15 Ultra. And there are multiple reasons for this, both functionally and financially. Let’s break them down, taking into consideration everything we already know about Apple’s iPhone 15 plans.
Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Cost will be the biggest argument for many against buying the iPhone 15 Ultra. At face value, this is reasonable. The latest leaks claim Apple’s new name for the ‘Pro Max’ will be up to $200 more expensive than its predecessor, but there are mitigating factors.
First, storage. While the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at 128GB, the entry-level iPhone 15 Ultra is tipped to have 256GB. That’s currently a $100 option for Pro Max buyers, meaning you’ll get half that price increase back immediately, and don’t forget it’s “up to” $200 more, so the final price may be less.
Second, USB-C. If you primarily use MagSafe charging, you might not care about the iPhone 15 range’s well-publicized move from Lightning to USB-C from a functional perspective. But you should care from a financial one. When iPhones switched from the previous Dock Connector to Lightning, the second-hand value of iPhones using the Dock Connector plummeted. The same is likely to happen again, making an iPhone 15 a much better long-term investment.
Flat-edged iPhone 15 Ultra concept based on leaks
Every generation of iPhone brings improvements, but after several incremental releases, the iPhone 15 Ultra is shaping up to be a seismic jump.
Build Quality – Unlike any previous iPhone (and seemingly no other iPhone 15 models), the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a titanium chassis. Titanium is 3-4x stronger than the stainless steel used for the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max and offers the same strength at 40% of its weight, meaning Apple’s new flagship could be significantly lighter yet still stronger than its predecessors. It is also rumored to be curved for improved ergonomics.
Apple iPhone 15 Ultra render based on the recent rumors of curved edges
Photography – The front of the iPhone 15 Ultra will also break new ground for the range with dual front-facing cameras. For photography, this will improve depth perception and offer different wide angles for improved selfies. For security, improved depth mapping will enhance Face ID security.
Performance – The iPhone 15 Ultra will receive Apple’s next-generation A17 chip, unlike standard iPhone 15 models. This will be the first 3-nanometer fabricated chip after 5nm variants were used for the A14, A15 and A16. This is bleeding edge technology and, compared to its predecessors, 3nm enables the A17 to run faster, cooler and with reduced power draw.
That isn’t the only speed increase. For over a decade, the Lightning port has limited iPhones to USB 2.0 speeds (480Mbps), but the shift to USB-C will see the iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro support Thunderbolt 4 (40Gbps / 40,000Mbps), making wired data transfers and backups almost instantaneous. USB-C is also expected to bring faster wired charging speeds.
Apple iPhone 15 Ultra is tipped to have dual front-facing cameras – concept render
So yes, the iPhone 15 Ultra will be expensive. But spread over the length of a typical 3-year carrier contract, the difference in monthly payments will be minimal (this is why iPhone 14 and 14 Plus sales are struggling). Moreover, Apple appears determined to launch the rebranded ‘UItra’ with a bang, making it the most innovative and future-proof iPhone in years.


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