Fake Chemist Vincent-Gammill arrested over cheating cancer patients

A supposed chemist has been treating cancer patients with dirt and expired medicine, according to reports surfacing early this weekend. A mother in Thousand Oaks, California has been scammed out of thousands of dollars by an alleged chemist, who claimed that he knows how to treat cancer with alternative therapies. The victim, who wished to be known as Fern, said that she was extremely upset to see someone doing such things to prey on cancer sufferers trying their best to live.

Fern is married and is the mother of two. She got breast cancer seven years back and underwent chemotherapy for several years. However, that couldn’t stop her cancer from reaching an advanced stage and getting metastasized to other organs. Seeing the results, Fern decided to discontinue chemotherapy.

Fern wanted to try natural therapies. In 2009, she came to know about the Natural Oncology Institute of Vincent Gammill from a website and decided to undergo treatment under the supervision of Gammill. For her, it was the last attempt to save her life.

Fern said that at that time she felt that Gammill has solutions to all her problems as many on the Internet have referred to him as a guru and said that he can do vaccines.

Last month, the 50 year old mother of two traveled from her home city Thousand Oaks to Richmond for meeting Gammill. Here, it must be mentioned that Gammill’s office is situated in Richmond. This visit required her to spend a whopping $2,000.

Fern spent a couple of days at the office, after which she left the place realizing that she has been fooled. According to information provided by Fern, Gammill introduced himself as a chemist and gave her medications along with baggies containing vials of liquid, powders and empty capsules. She added that all the prescription medications given by the fraudulent chemist had expired. The chemist also made several comments that appeared pointless to fern.


Fern said that she took one tablet in Gammill’s office and followed all his instructions while doing so. He explained the process of mixing the tablet to her and informed her that the medicine is very caustic. When Fern complained that she is having a burning sensation, the deceitful chemist said that the burning sensation is indicating that the medicine is active.

Fern didn’t wait much to seek help from police. She contacted police right after her visit to Gammill’s office.


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