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Everything Matt Campbell said after Iowa State's dominant home victory – 247Sports

One week after knocking off Iowa for the first time in his Cyclones’ tenure, head coach Matt Campbell has Iowa State off to its best start since 2012 at 3-0. Campbell met with the media after the game, where he was asked about several topics on the season. 
On Will McDonald getting a sack today
“I really feel, when you look at the film, like last week Will was all over the field. He’s graded out in our Champions’ Club the last two weeks. So, it was great that he got that today, but other than that, I’ve really felt like he’s played great football for us.”
On playing better football early in the season
“I feel what I’ve seen, from a positive standpoint, is we are showing up ready to rock and roll. I feel from a physicality standpoint, from an attitude and effort standpoint, some things that we say are the cornerstones of where we want to be, I really like where we are at. From a precision and detail, we’re still young. We made some mistakes today, and we’ve got to be humble enough to correct them. If we can, and match  the attitude and effort standpoint that this group brings and has so far, then maybe we’ll have a chance to be a team that could be really special down the stretch.”
On health of Beau Freyler
“Yeah, I think really close, honestly. I thought, he practiced on Thursday. I think more precautionary than anything. I look forward to getting him ready to rock and roll…he just really got dinged up. It was more of a, nothing structurally wrong, but more got dinged up last week. I really do think he’ll be ready to rock and roll Tuesday for our padded practice.”
On depth of team, as well as having things to clean up even being 3-0
“Yeah, I was probably irate at halftime, just because, you’re up 30-3, and you’re, I see all the things where it could cost us when we need it the most. If we don’t clean those things up, we can be happy being 3-0, I’m not. I still feel that there’s so much proof of who we can be, and what we need to become, if we’re willing to get there. The fun thing about a young team, you watch how hard they work: literally watch our Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday practice, were the three maybe best practices I’ve seen since I’ve been here, last week. You see incredible growth in some areas. Then, you see situations are brand new, or different guys, and there are some areas where we’ve got to be better. That’s what’s really fun about coaching a young team, in a lot of ways. Man, the challenges continue to come your way. You’ve got to be able to correct them, and the players and coaches, you’ve got to be humble and talk about how, if we’ve got to be better, then we’ve got to be better. If it’s the kids, then we’ve got to come together there. So far, this group has done a great job of having that humility, really the coaches and the players. It will be a puzzle and it will continue to be a puzzle, we’ve got to do a great job of continuing to put it together.”
On intensity of defense
“I almost feel like, in some ways, this defense is one of the better ones we’ve had, just from across the board. Depth, we played a lot of really young guys. When you’re able to do that, you’re able to help give some of your players some of the rest, so they can be their best at some of those critical moments. Reeder’s now had two monumental games in critical moments. O’Rien Vance makes a huge play. I still don’t know if there are many people playing better than Anthony Johnson. Then, you talk about all the freshmen and young guys that are playing. Those guys are playing, not like they’re playing just late in the game either. I think the depth we maybe have has allowed us to play at a great speed with consistency. Hopefully we can continue to play that way, and see those young guys continue to grow so we can be confident to play them in critical moments.”
On Hunter Dekkers’ play and growth so far
“I think there are high end highs, and there are some lows that we’ve got to get figured out. The ball security piece of it is something that we need to continue to work on. And, man, there are some critical plays that he makes in the football game, where, we’re not the team that we’ve got the ability to be if he doesn’t make those plays. So, all those things are things that you’re going to get with a young quarterback. I think the confidence that you see, his resiliency when something bad happens, his ability to bounce right back. Those things are super positive, and I think you feel super confident and you want to grow with a quarterback like that. I think that’s why our kids rally around him. He’s got that ability to get to that next play, maybe as well as any of the young guys we’ve coached so far.”
On Hutchinson’s ability to produce consistently
“I think that obviously says a lot about X. You’ve got to get open, and, man, I feel like early on, it looked like they were trying to bracket X in the first half. He was still able to make some critical third downs, and some critical plays in big moments. So, give credit to X getting open, and then, Hunter finding X is great, too. I think what I’m most excited about is seeing other guys step up. The play Sean Shaw makes right before half, man, is a huge play. Sean’s healthy for the first time in three years. He hadn’t even gotten an offseason before this season. I think like 2019, you’re talking about how that young guy could be special. He’s fought through injury, he’s fought through some tough times, and he had some big moments today. All three games, he’s really made plays for us. I think the thing that’s enjoyable, is you’re starting to see a supporting cast kind of forming with Xavier, and we’ll need all those guys as well.”
On Deon Silas’ performance
“Yeah, I would say it was Deon Silas’ best week of practice. When you have a great week of practice, those things kind of mold into positive things. You saw him take advantage of those reps, and I’ve said this before. College athletics, and especially college football, it’s about the opportunity in the moment. When you get your shot, are you going to be ready? Man, he was ready today. What happens then, it was just like Aidan Bitter was ready last week, and he probably played 25 snaps for us today. I think that’s just part of a young team. Hopefully, he continues to go down the road he’s going. If he does, I think it could be positive for sure.”
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