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Summer may be winding down, but Amazon’s streaming service is still cranking out the streaming hits. Prime Video‘s August 2023 programming slate offers a diverse slate of genres: sci-fi movies, comedies, romance films, dramas, stand-up specials, and a 2023 movie about an animal all loaded up on drugs.
The list of new arrivals throughout the month features quite a few noteworthy additions to the Prime Video library, including the return of Thursday Night Football, the debut of the rom-com Red, White & Royal Blue, the premiere of Harlan Coben’s new series Shelter, and library titles like Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Cocaine Bear, and Bones and All.
We’ve provided the full list of everything new on Amazon Prime Video in August 2023 below.
Available August 1
3 Idiotas (2017)
A Shot in the Dark (1965)
Amadeus (1984)
American Gigolo (1980)
Behind the Sun (2001)
Braddock: Missing in Action III (1988)
Cahill: U.S. Marshall (1973)
Cantinflas (2014)
Charlie St. Cloud (2010)
Chato’s Land (1972)
City of Men (2008)
City Slickers (1991)
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (1982)
Dirty Harry (1971)
Filth (2004)
Frost/Nixon (2009)
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Gonzo (2008)
Hazlo Como Hombre (2017)
Hollywood: The Great Stars (1963)
I Wish (2011)
I’m Still Here (2010)
Killers (2010)
Me, Myself and Irene (2000)
Missing In Action (1984)
Missing In Action II: The Beginning (1985)
Monster’s Ball (2002)
One for the Money (2012)
Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)
Pinero (2001)
Posse (1993)
Punisher: War Zone (2008)
Red 2 (2013)
Red Dawn (2012)
Rio (2011)
Rio 2 (2014)
Road to El Dorado (2000)
Rumor Has It (2005)
Saw (2004)
Saw II (2005)
Saw III (2006)
Saw IV (2007)
Saw V (2008)
Saw VI (2009)
Stealth (2005)
Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine (2015)
Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)
Swordfish (2001)
The Addams Family (2019)
The Black Stallion (1979)
The Day of the Jackal (1973)
The Goonies (1985)
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)
The Many Saints of Newark (2021)
The Punisher (2004)
The Watch (2012)
Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead (1995)
Traffic (2001)
Un Padre No Tan Padre (2017)
Valentina’s Wedding (2018)
Walking Tall: The Payback (2007)
What a Girl Wants (2003)
When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Ya veremos (2018)
Yes Man (2008)
Available August 8
Bones and All (2022)
Destination NBA: A G League Odyssey (2023)
Available August 11
2 Guns (2013)
Red, White & Royal Blue (2023)
Available August 15
Cocaine Bear (2023)
Of an Age (2023)
Available August 18
Unseen (2023)
Available August 22
The Black Demon (2023)
Available August 25
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)
Red (2010)
*Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity (2023)
Available August 29
Champions (2023)
Snowpiercer (2014)
Women Talking (2023)
Available August 31
Camino A Marte (2017)
Honor Society (2022)
Volverte a ver (2022)
Available August 4
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (2023)
Available August 10
The Killing Vote (2023)
Available August 18
New Bandits (2023)
Harlan Coben’s Shelter (2023)
Available August 24
Thursday Night Football (2023)
Sci-fi is one of those genres that is fun to watch any time, with movies that skew toward everything from comedy to horror, drama, suspense, and more. When it comes to Amazon Freevee, there’s a wide selection of sci-fi movies you can watch for free, with ads.
Along with high-profile titles from the past (you won’t find new releases here), and underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee, as well as other genres, there are a few underrated sci-fi movies on Amazon Freevee you should watch in November, too. They’re all critically acclaimed, come from various decades, and feature top-notch casts.
The Pink Cloud (2021)
The Pink Cloud- Official Trailer- Sundance Selection
The holiday season is the perfect time for rom-coms. You can cozy up under a warm blanket with a hot tea, coffee, or cocoa — or even a comforting glass of wine – and enjoy a sappy, funny flick on your own or with a loved one. You might even want to throw a rom-com party and invite some friends to share in the spirit.
There are lots of rom-coms worth watching, and these three rom-coms on Prime Video you need to watch in November include an old classic, an Adam Sandler favorite, and a new holiday-themed movie starring Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester that has Hallmark movie vibes written all over it. Choose from these or the best rom-coms on Amazon Prime Video right now.
EXmas (2023)
EXmas | All New Movie | Coming Nov 17
The best rom-coms on Amazon Prime Video right now include a number of Amazon Originals, as well as some old favorites. From teen rom-coms that defined a generation to modern-day takes on the genre, there’s something for everyone. Yes, that means there are options even if you aren’t into the traditional sappy rom-com fare.
If you’re looking for a good rom-com that will be a compromise between partners, or maybe you want to curl up and watch one yourself, we have you covered with this constantly updated list. We keep track of what has left Amazon Prime Video and what new titles have arrived so you don’t have to. Peruse this list and you’re sure to find something that fits your mood.
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