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ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shows How to use Toilet in Space (+video)


Samantha Cristoforetti gave people unique perspective with regards to determining just how those aboard the International Space Station use the bathroom. Going to the bathroom while in space might seem like a unique adventure, but according to her, the process is quite similar to here on Earth.

However, after watching the video, there is far more suction employed than there is here on Earth – which makes us wonder where she is drawing these similarities. This is just the latest example of astronauts aboard the International Space Station conducting more outreach to explain how life is managed way up there in space.

Cristoforetti explained how some of the processes work, which was highlighted by the fact that urine on the International Space Station is actively being turned into drinking water through varying purification systems. Interestingly, solid waste is simply burned up when the craft leaves the International Space Station, which means there really isn’t any wasting taking place here from start to finish. The entire bathroom process is made very simple and kept efficient.


She also pointed out that being comfortable isn’t something any of the astronauts worry about. Apparently being weightless means that comfort doesn’t matter. She also pointed out that while many of the contraptions within the bathroom might seem a bit complex, difficult to use, or downright frightening, depending on your viewpoint, the bathroom as a whole functions really well. Even more impressively, the zero gravity bathroom is kept spotless, as well.

According to the astronauts, the entire situation is a lot more comfortable and functional than it looks to traditional Earthlings. While many can sit and look at what she presented as outrageous and incredibly challenging, this is just one of the many ways that these astronauts sacrifice in the name of science.

Clearly, the situation could be more ideal, but a perfect situation in space is hard to create, given how difficult it even is to get all the way into space in the first place. It’s because of these many factors that scientists and astronauts take everything that they do have for granted because the advanced vacuum systems, and much more are all highly technical.

SOURCEESA Samantha Cristoforetti
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