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ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst creates time-lapse video from ISS (+video)


Gerst, a German geophysicist, journeyed to the ISS in the period between May and November 2014. He created a spectacular time-lapse video of the Earth as seen from the space in this duration.

What is most interesting about the video is Gerst’s unconventional way of creating it. What is more popular with videos seen on social networking media is that, they are created by video editors. Typically, they collect thousands of images captured by the ISS and make a time-lapse out of it.

However, Gerst’s approach to the time-lapse was entirely different. He mounted cameras at different locations and programmed them to take images at set intervals. He used an intervalometer for the purpose. He then combined 12,500 of all these pictures into a six-minute long video. The spectacular video summarizes Gerst’s entire six months observation in the space.



In his time-lapse, Gerst has tried to capture various aspects of the space. From auroras, sunrises to the clouds, stars, oceans, the video has it all. He has taken several pictures showing the Milky Way, the ISS, the spacecraft as well as the thin layer of air- the atmosphere, that surrounds the earth. While capturing pictures of the space and the earth from the space, he has clicked pictures of lightning that probably reflect cities at night time on the earth. He did also click some pictures of himself in the spacesuit, which he an admirer of.


Records as of July 2012 show that astronauts at the ISS have collected as many as 1.2 million pictures. The number keeps growing, adding to the scientific data that is being collected for more than 14 years.

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