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Elon Musk ‘fearful of Amber Heards ‘true colours: ‘Knows shes crazy – Geo News


time Friday Aug 12, 2022
Elon Musk reportedly fears Amber Heard’s emotions and is petrified of having to clean up her messes after ‘fits of rage’.
A woman who frequented Amber’s circle of pals, with the pseudo name Gia, made these revelations. 
Gia issued shocking realizations about the duo’s dynamic and admitted to House in Habit that Elon ‘knew she was crazy.’
While recalling a meeting with him weeks later, “Eon pulled her aside,” and urged her to “stay far away from Amber because he feared she might actually try to kill me.”
“He seemed genuinely scared,” Gia recalls. “I think he knew she was crazy enough to do it. And she knew he would be the one to clean up if she did.”


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