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Elon Musk could be the father of Amber Heards biological daughter – Marca English


For the rest of his life, the tycoon could be sentimentally tied to the actress
The trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard faces its final weeks and the jury is already evaluating most of the evidence presented, as well as the statements of witnesses who have appeared in court.
Kate Moss was one of the last celebrities to appear in the litigation. Johnny Depp’s ex-partner confirmed that she was not thrown down the stairs by the interpreter, denying Amber Heard’s words.
Also, in the case of the renowned actress, the names around her person follow one after another. One of them is the technology magnate Elon Musk, with whom she had a relationship after separating from the star of Pirates of the Caribbean.
And when it was believed that only the winner of a legal battle where $100,000,000 is at stake, claimed to compensate what Amber qualifies as abuse and damages caused by Johnny, now a new and controversial fact arises that the media will not tire of following until they know the truth, who is the father of the child that was gestated in the womb of the actress.
It is said that the relationship between Amber Heard and Elon Musk could have exceeded the sentimental part since the South African genius could be the progenitor of her daughter.
Heard would have conceived Oonagh Paige through surrogacy in 2021.
This practice is done prior to establishing an agreement with another person or couple to become pregnant, and when the baby is born, it becomes the child of both of them without having to assume the traditional role of raising it together.
The only certainty is that on more than one occasion the interpreter has published photographs on social networks playing with her daughter.
In this regard, the writer Jessica Reed Klaus said that “close anonymous sources” indicate that Elon Musk donated the sperm so that Heard could conceive her daughter and therefore is the biological father of the little girl.
For the moment, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX has not testified in the trial between Heard and Johnny Depp and is not expected to do so.
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