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Student and alumni (Dukes) Microsoft 365 accounts formerly existed in a separate environment from employee (JMU) accounts.  As Microsoft 365 matured, the separation limited to our ability to use Teams, share files, and more.  As a result, Information Technology migrated Dukes accounts into the same environment as JMU accounts.  The migration did not change student/alumni email addresses (they remain @dukes.jmu.edu), but it removed barriers to communication and collaboration between all accounts at JMU.  IT extensively planned and prepared for this migration (sometimes referred to as the “tenant merge”) to make it as smooth as possible.
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Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555, IT Service Portal or helpdesk@jmu.edu
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Email migration status:
OneDrive migration status:
If you are having problems accessing any Microsoft services, please contact the IT Help Desk.
Updated 05/24/2023
Microsoft 365 provides your email account. For many users, it also provides access to office applications, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams (depending on your license). JMU has a website on Microsoft 365 explaining the service and the features for different groups at JMU.
For a more general explanation of the service, you may also want to watch this video. 
Your Dukes email, calendar, and OneDrive files were migrated along with your account. You will have to reconfigure some email settings, such as your email signature and any rules you have setupSee the FAQ for instructions on exporting and importing Outlook rules.
Teams and Sharepoint files in the Dukes environment did not migrate, but you can contact the IT Help Desk if you are missing any data.
The following email clients have been tested and are recommended and supported by Information Technology:
Outlook Mobile (iOS)
Mail (iOS)
Outlook Mobile (Android) Note: these steps may differ slightly on different Android versions and applications
Outlook (PC)
Outlook (Mac)
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