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Deepika Padukone To Launch An Awareness Campaign For Depression!


Earlier we had seen Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone opening up about how one can deal with depression. But now, she is all set for launching an awareness campaign which would fight depression, says a report dated March 22, 2016.

She would be spreading this campaign through her NGO named ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’.

She will launch this awareness campaign named ‘You Are Not Alone’ on Wednesday.

The main focus of the programme would be to educate high school teachers and students on depression, anxiety and stress and also to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.


In a press statement, Deepika stated that she knows what depression is and how it feels.

She just cannot sit and watch people experiencing the same and hence, she took the decision of launching ‘You Are Not Alone’ with an aim of raising awareness and enabling teachers and students to identify the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This campaign would start from the very own school of Deepika, Sophia’s High School in Bangalore and would spread across 500 schools over the year.

Deepika further added that schools are a perfect place for defence against mental and emotional disorders in youth. Schools can also be connected to independent counselors and counseling organizations if such situations arise.

This ‘Tamasha’ actress had launched the NGO in the month of June 2015 after she experienced a lot of depression.

She says that the main aim is extracting this mental health issue from roots and including this discussion in all drawing room conversations.

So let us hope for the best!

What do you guys think?

Would this awareness campaign work or is this another publicity stunt by the actress?

Do give your opinions!

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