Dana White is open to the idea of a seismic heavyweight showdown between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar


UFC president Dana White recently stated in an interview that he is open to the idea of Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar clashing with each other in a huge heavyweight bout. Brock Lesnar who was last seen on WWE TV at WrestleMania 36 where he dropped the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre was called out by Jon ‘The Bones’ Jones on Twitter ahead of his heavyweight title clash against champion Stipe Miocic at UFC in the future.

Dana White said: ‘If [Jones and Lesnar] both want to fight each other, I’m sure it’s a fight the fans want to see and it would be a good introduction for Jones into the heavyweight division. So, yeah if they both wanted to do it, I would do it.’

The last outing that Lesnar had with the company was at UFC 200 in 2016 where he fought Mark Hunt. However, that match left a sour taste in the former UFC Champion’s mouth, as it was declared a no-contest after he failed a pre-fight drug test. He was fined $250,000 and was suspended indefinitely. Reports from January 2019 suggest that Brock has not yet paid the fine.

Although it is speculated that Lesnar does not want to return to WWE anytime soon since there has been no live audience for a WWE event ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in March, there was a rumor that Lesnar could go to AEW and also it was rumored that he is currently a free agent and not under a contract with the WWE. Former AEW World Heavyweight Champion and former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho also expressed interest in bringing the eight-time world champion to AEW and said that he would love to wrestle him inside an AEW ring even though he felt that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon won’t let that happen as Lesnar is a valuable asset to his company.

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