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Criticism of Vladimir Putin on rise in Russia amid back-to-back defeat in Ukraine – Republic World


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Image: AP
Criticism of Russian leader Vladimir Putin is rising among Russian society amidst the ongoing military actions in Ukraine.
Seven members of a local council in St. Petersburg last week called on the national Parliament to bring treason charges against Putin because of the Ukraine conflict.
Five of them have been fined between 44,000 and 47,000 rubles (approximately 726 U.S. dollars and 776 U.S. dollars) for discrediting Russian soldiers and spreading fake news about the military campaign.
The move initiated a chain reaction by several municipal councils in Moscow. A local council in the Lomonossovsky district of Moscow last week passed a resolution calling on Putin to resign.
"The rhetoric that you and your subordinates are using has been riddled with intolerance and aggression for a long time, which in the end effectively threw our country back into the Cold War era," the Moscow council said.
"Russia has again begun to be feared and hated."
Another local council in the Akademichesky district of Moscow also called Putin to renounce his power.
"We need to do something to get out of this situation. Any actions as appeals, statements – I hope that we will change the situation with such actions," one of the municipal deputies Vassily Khoroshilov told the Associated Press.
At the same time, disagreement with actions of the Russian Army started popping up on air of state TV stations.
During a talk show called "Meeting Point" aired by NTV broadcaster, Nadezhdin called for fighting to end and negotiations to begin.
Nadezhdin's televised comments over the weekend were notable because of Russia's moves to stifle criticism of its sending troops into Ukraine.
Days after the operation started, parliament approved legislation that outlawed alleged disparaging of the Russian military or the spread of "false information" about the operation in Ukraine.
OVD-Info, a legal aid group that tracks political arrests in Russia, has counted 90 criminal cases on charges of spreading false information about the Russian military since Feb. 24.
"There was not a single fake at all, not a single fake in what I said," Nadezhdin told the Associated Press on Tuesday.
"There was a statement of absolutely obvious facts."
An independent political analyst and former speechwriter for Putin Abbas Gallyamov said he has noticed "that the Kremlin's control over the content shown on Russian TV has been weakening."
"When all the system weakens, when it has no clear behavior model in a crisis situation, everyone does what they want. While the Kremlin closely controls news bulletins, experts (in talk shows) start to chatter whatever comes into one's head," he added.
The pullback of troops from the Kharkiv region and Ukraine's counteroffensive in Russian-held parts of the southern Kherson region have raised concerns that Russia is faltering.
The leader of the Communist Party, the country's second-biggest political grouping, called Tuesday for a mobilisation and for the conflict to be openly called a war.
Russian officials have insisted the actions in Ukraine must be called a "special military operation."
"Maximum mobilization of forces and resources is required." Gennady Zyuganov said.
Shortly after, he denied his claim on mobilisation, saying that he meant this action in economy of the isolated country.
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