Computer help: Is it advisable to download Windows 10, Version 2004? – TCPalm

Q: I have been following your articles about installing the Windows 10 Version 2004 Update. Now that enough time has passed, is it finally advisable to download and install it? 
— Menachem V., Israel 
A: Short answer: Yes. 
This topic was last discussed in this column in November 2020. Since that time, Microsoft has not released any additional fixes for it, which means it’s as good as it’s going to get and pretty much implies that you can finally perform the update with confidence.  
On the whole, Update Version 2004 is causing far fewer compatibility and stability issues than when it first was released. While there are still reports of issues caused from it floating around various tech forums, there is not enough evidence available on them to indicate that everyday users (i.e., non-IT personnel) will experience many, if any, problems from installing it. Those that do, according to research, sometimes show a slowing of system performance or need to reset some personalized settings in Windows but little else. There are some cosmetic/design differences you may notice but beyond that it’s pretty much business as usual after the installation.  
Keep in mind that before performing the update you need to make sure your system specs meet the Update’s minimums. This is key, because if you don’t then you most certainly will experience slowdowns or system hang-ups after the installation. If your system does not meet these requirements then it’s best to avoid the update completely — or remove it if you’ve already installed it. 
The following URL shows the system requirements for this update: 
Also you will still want to check for and install updates following the 2004 installation, as this ensures all problems will be fixed and your system remains up to date.  
To check for and perform Windows updates, please do the following: Right-click on the Start button, select “Settings” from the menu that appears, then on “Updates & Security” from the next window that appears and then on “Windows Update” in the left panel of the following window. Let the system check for updates and then follow the instructions on screen to complete the process if needed.  
If after doing this you still happen to experience issues (rare as it may be), then please follow the suggestions and instructions found at this URL for additional help: 
Having said this, please know that Microsoft has already released its next big update, called 20H2 (which is one of the reasons there are no more updates to 2004). This update has been available since late 2020 and, as with the early days of Update 2004, is being treated at the moment as an optional update instead of a mandatory one. You should notice a link for it in your Update panel in your System Settings (available through the instructions above). 
Research on 20H2 shows it has experienced far fewer problems with installation than with the Update 2004 rollout but it’s still best to hold off on installing it for a few more months, just to be sure no additional reports of problems or warnings appear.  
Please note: One of the precursors for the 20H2 Update is the 2004 Update — so if you don’t have 2004 installed when you try to install 20H2 then Windows will force install 2004 on your system as part of the 20H2 installation. One way or another, you will need to have it on your system if you wish to keep your operating system current, it seems. As with 2004, if you don’t want to install it then please stay clear of both 2004 and 20H2. 
For more information on Windows Update 20H2, including system requirements and features, please visit this URL: 
Also if interested, the following URL contains the current list of bugs and fixes for Update 20H2: 
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