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Introducing a partnership empowering creators, makers and doers to explore their full capability. Learn how MX and Adobe can unlock true creative flow, and claim an Adobe® Creative Cloud® subscription – on us.
The world’s greatest products for uninterrupted productivity. Unrivalled digital creation software. When your creative tools work in perfect harmony, there’s no limit to the ideas you can bring to life.
Discover the meaning of true creative flow as you illustrate, edit or retouch in Adobe Creative Cloud. Move imperceptibly between speed and precision scrolling with the one-of-a-kind MagSpeed Wheel, and experience pixel-perfect precision — even on glass4 mm minimum glass thickness— with cutting-edge tracking technology. Meanwhile, feel nifty shortcuts and great ideas glide weightlessly from your fingertips with keyboards designed for sunrise-to-late-night creation.
Navigate Adobe Creative Cloud faster with Logi Options+Requires Logitech Options+ software, available for download at software. Customize everything from the Back/Forward buttons of your mouse to the F-row of your keyboard. Change Adobe Photoshop brush size and navigate timelines with your thumb-wheel, create a new PSD layer with a tap of the top button instead of ⇧⌘N, or cut clips in Adobe Premiere Pro with a click of the thumb button.

Time flies when creativity flows. That’s why the MX Series makes comfort a priority, with mouse silhouettes carefully crafted for your palm, and keyboard form factors designed to make creating, making and doing feel great for hours at a time. MX products with Quiet Scrolling, Clicks and Switches, make sure that you stay in the flow for hours while not disturbing others.
Claim the offer in your cart before checkout, then choose the package that’s right for you. This subscription credit can be applied to either a new or existing Adobe account.
1-month subscription to the full Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps for professional creators who want the full power of Creative Cloud at their fingertips.
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2-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan with Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Stock, and 20GB of cloud storage.
Each MX purchase comes with a complimentary Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
After checkout, follow the link in your order confirmation email and choose the package that’s right for you on the Adobe Partner Offer redemption portal. Simply follow the instructions to apply the subscription in Adobe Creative Cloud.
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Free Carrying Case with MX Master 3S or MX Anywhere 3S.
Free Carrying Case with MX Master 3S or MX Anywhere 3S.
1-month Creative Cloud All Apps, which includes all Adobe Creative Cloud services and applications ($52.99 value), or 2-months Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, which includes Adobe Photoshop on desktop and iPad, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®, Lightroom Classic®, Adobe Spark®, Adobe Portfolio®, and 20 GB Adobe Cloud Storage ($19.89 value). Typically Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps is for creatives with diverse workflows, while the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is two months of your photography essentials.
Yes, this offer is for both new and existing Adobe Creative Cloud accounts. For existing Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps members, the value of 1-month Creative Cloud All Apps credit will be applied as a credit to your next Adobe bill, but won’t process as a credit or refund against your previous payment. For Adobe members with an alternate plan, this subscription will unlock Creative Cloud All Apps on your current subscription and supplement your bill for that month. For new Adobe Creative Cloud users, simply create an account in the redemption process.
This offer is eligible with any purchase of Logitech’s MX Keys S, MX Anywhere 3S, MX Keys S Combo, MX Master 3S for Mac, MX Mechanical Mini for Mac, MX Master 3S, MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini, MX Keys for Mac, MX Keys Mini, MX Keys Mini for Mac, MX Anywhere 3 for Mac, Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard, MX Ergo, and MX Vertical
First, you need to add your complimentary subscription to your cart before you purchase on As soon as you checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email from Logitech with a unique link to the Adobe offer redemption portal. On the portal, choose the offer that’s most relevant to you, then sign in to your Adobe account, and follow the instructions for Adobe Creative Cloud. If you’re new to Creative Cloud, simply create a new Adobe account when prompted at the login screen.
Offer is limited to 1 Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for each eligible MX transaction, even if multiple eligible MX products are purchased in a single transaction.
While many Logitech peripherals are excellent for creators, the MX Master 3S, MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini,  MX Keys, MX Anywhere 3 and Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard were created with features in Logi Options+ software that enable deeper control and app-specific customization with Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.
Logi Options+ works on current operations systems for Windows® and Mac.
The power of the Master Series, optimized for Mac. Get even more out of your Mac devices with the advanced functionality of MX.
The Master Series, a range of products that unleash your capability to create, make, and do.
The Master Series gets you into a flow and keeps you there until the last life on code is written.
Logitech MX is committed to spotlighting and supporting impactful initiatives and individuals that are disrupting the industry worldwide, to inspire girls and women to pursue a career or continue thriving in STEM.
With #WomenWhoMaster, our mission is to ignite an industry-wide movement that addresses the gender gap and unequal access to opportunities in tech and IT, once and for all.
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