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China’s giant alien hunting $185-million telescope all set to go operational

The complete manufacturing works of the world’s largest telescope built by China is completed on July 04, 2016, as the makers assembled the last set of 4450 panels.

The telescope is expected to go operational by September 2016, after two decades of its proposal.

This mammoth telescope boasts about a 500 meters aperture, and it is touted to be bigger than 30 football fields.

The concept of this giant telescope was first conceived in 1994, but the installation began on 2011. As per reports, the expense of this telescope has cost more than $105 billion for China.

The telescope is dedicated to find out the signs of extra-terrestrial lives which may be present in the other corner of our universe.

Xinhua News Agency of China confirmed that the aperture spherical telescope named as FAST could have the ability to detect alien life. It will also search for strange objects which include, low-frequency gravitational waves, faint pulsars or neutral hydrogen.

To construct this giant scientific experimental area, more than 9000 residents were relocated in a three-mile area to create an impeccable silent environment for the proper functioning of telescope operation. As per Government sources, $1800 was given as compensation per household.

Nan Rendong, Chief Scientist in FAST told that the introduction of this giant telescope will bring mammoth revolutions in the area of natural sciences. He believes that the telescope will help us identify even the minute form of life which lies in the distant region of the Universe.

Earlier, many western conspiracy experts claimed that China will use this telescope for sinister purposes, but official sources claim that this device is intended to create positive changes in the field of astronomy.

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