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Earlier this month, Nothing released the second major software update for the Nothing Phone (2). Named Nothing OS 2.0.2, the update greatly focused on the phone’s camera performance. And with that, the phone became more capable of delivering picture-perfect shots.
But it seems like Nothing is not stopping there. The company has just released the Nothing OS 2.0.2a update for the Nothing Phone (2). It’s yet another major software update for the device that brings a lot of camera improvements. Of course, alongside those, the update brings many quality-of-life changes.
About the camera upgrades, the Nothing OS 2.0.2a improves the Nothing Phone (2) ‘s capability to capture faces with higher clarity. The difference will be very noticeable when you’re in indoor environments. This update has also optimized the highlight levels in low-light settings.
Nothing Phone (2)

Thanks to these two improvements, photos in low-light environments will be more detail-rich with the Nothing Phone (2). In addition, the update optimized the highlight exposure when you’re shooting in the HDR mode. The update also adds a UI element to show when the HDR mode is active.
Moreover, the Nothing OS 2.0.2a reduces dull tones while the device is in HDR mode. And it resolves the visible halo effects issues when you shoot portraits in HDR mode. There are some front and back camera-specific improvements.
Regarding the front camera, the update brings:
As for the back camera, the Nothing Phone (2) now offers:
Nothing Phone (2)
Besides these camera improvements, the update improved the touch panel’s responsiveness, the network’s reliability for multiple global carriers, and the system’s stability. You can read about all about the update here.
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