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Ben Affleck's condition that made him oversleep in his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez – Marca English


Spoiler alert: Ben Affleck wasn’t tired for having too much s*x
The internet has made so much fun of tired Ben Affleck during his first honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez that we completely ignored what was really happening. As it turns out, there’s a medical reason the actor looked so tired all the time is due to a medical condition has has been suffering for years. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Ben Affleck has siffered from chronic migrane for many years.
It’s unclear if this has anything to do with his alcohol addiction but that’s the reason he was always tired and needed to sleep constantly. There have been times during production when Affleck had to stop filming and rest due to how painful these migranes have become. Jennifer Lopez is very aware of what’s happening and she has already recommended some of her most reliable physicians.
According to this Daily Mail report, Ben Affleck is suffering from these headaches mainly due to the high levels of stress he put himself under. Producing or directing a film will do that to anybody. However, all the stress that also comes with a divorce process can be another reason he is going through this condition. Unfortunately, Affleck has been urged to stop working numerous times because of this chronic migrane and it’s a recurring problem he hasn’t been able to control.
All those memes about him being tired for having too much sex are now irrelevant if this report from the Daily Mail is true. Mocking a situation like this has never been the best reaction to simple images we see from celebrities. Let’s hope Ben Affleck’s problem can be tames soon and he returns back to normalcy.
Jennifer Lopez getting married to him after getting back together has to be a good reason to not be stressed out all the time anymore. Affleck does look happier than he was when he was going through that rough split with Jennifer Garner.
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