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Ballet Dance And Meditation Can Help You Increase Your Wisdom!


As per a report dated March 09, 2016, researchers from University of Chicago in the US have stated that constant practice of ballet dancing and meditation improves wisdom. The results revealed that those who practiced mindfulness and vipassana had more wisdom as compared to those who didn’t. This study was published in PLOS ONE.

Researchers also stated that meditation is a good pain-reliever and stress buster which helps to reduce anxiety.

They further add that the link between wisdom and ballet is quite mysterious and is something which they have been investigating further, says Patrick B Williams, a postdoctoral researcher.

Participants who had practiced ballet had lowest wisdom levels. However, the more they practiced ballet, the higher they scored when it came to psychological traits associated with wisdom.


Another researcher, Monika Ardelt stated that the association of meditation with wisdom is understandable but associating the practice of ballet with wisdom is simply fascinating.

A self-reported survey was administered by researchers to around 298 participants with Survey Monkey, a popular too that helps conduct scientific studies and surveys. In the survey, experience, both in terms of hours of practice and number of years was asked to students and teachers about FeldenKrais Method and The Alexander Technique. Basically, Feldenkrais Method helps in improving physical function, movement, reducing pain and increasing self-awareness and Alexander technique is a method to improve movement, coordination, balance and posture.

It also consisted of psychological questionnaires asking about the characteristics thought to be the components of anxiety, empathy and wisdom.

So, it is definitely a good thing that apart from relieving stress and tensions, Meditation and above all, Ballet dancing can help you increase wisdom. So why not join a Ballet dance class now and try out?

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