Home Technology As usual, Apple iOS 8.3 arrives with BUGS

As usual, Apple iOS 8.3 arrives with BUGS


Apple iOS 8.3 is here and there has already been a ton of chatter about the company’s latest mobile operating system. On the surface it looks like a great update and really takes care of most of the cosmetic issues people had with iOS 8. For example, the company moved the period over on the keyboard – as well as making the spacebar bigger. These two things ensured that the period key would be hit less frequently on accident. Another major update was the emoji keyboard which saw its first formal update in a very long time.

Some of the features that were added within the emoji keyboard included the diversification of the emojis, adding additional interface updates that made the keyboard run smoother, and even added a few new unique faces. Some of the other improvements were bug-related issues that just corrected some sloppiness within the operating system itself. Things like messages, app behavior, app launcher, the notification center and much more.


The update even included bringing in Google’s two-step verification, which makes giving permission to apps within the device a lot easier than it was previously. In all, the updates were very positive – except for one series of failures that this update has had reported on it. The first major issue that came up was the fact that Touch ID was having some buggy issues after the update was installed. Some people even lost the ability to use it entirely. However, this looks like something that the company should be able to fix in short order since they did have an update to Touch ID and Apple Pay within iOS 8.3.



CarPlay was also something that was significantly updated within the iOS 8.3. Now, users won’t have to plug in their iPhone to actually make CarPlay function. The devices will now work without any tethering to the vehicle itself, which is a major improvement.

SOURCEChristian Science Monitor
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