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Apple Watch Series 8: will Series 9 see a big uptick in processor power?
A new report claims that the next Apple Watch will have one of the biggest upgrades in years. And, contrary to previous rumors, it won’t be limited to the software. That’s due to have a new look and a focus on widgets, according to some reports.
But now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his Power On Discord channel, has said that the processor will be upgraded this year. While it’s true that each new Apple Watch has had a differently named chip, reports have suggested that there hasn’t been much of a speed upgrade between generations. So, for instance, while the Series 7 had an S7 chip, the same 64-bit dual-core processor found in the Series 6 was carried over to the Series 7, it seems.
Let’s be clear, Apple puts the processor it needs in each of its products, and would likely explain that the S7 was more than powerful enough for everything the Series 7 needed to do. And there have been scant reports of Apple Watches being slow or sluggish, so things are working okay.
However, Gurman says that a new processor is coming for Series 9, specifically a new processor and not a rebrand of an earlier one. And when questioned if the chip would be based on the A15 processor, he replied, “Yes, I believe it is!”
As you’ll know, the A15 is an iPhone chip and first appeared in the iPhone 13, that is, in 2021. That was a very powerful processor, with a six-core CPU and 15 billion transistors.
This means there’s likely to be a big leap forward in performance in the Apple Watch Series 9. At the very least, it suggests a faster, more responsive Watch, and if it is efficient and optimized, likely to have the potential to improve battery life.
It also suggests that the Watch is going to have new features which need this increased power: Apple doesn’t put faster processors in just because it can.
And a faster processor means that the Watch will be fast and responsive for longer, adding longevity to the list of benefits that the Series 9 offers.
It also makes it seem like a new Apple Watch Ultra may launch this year. I’ve been unconvinced about this, as I figured the Ultra might have a less regular cadence of updates, like the Apple Watch SE. But if the processor is really a lot more powerful, then it seems strange that something with the word Ultra in the title would remain on sale when a regular Watch has a much faster chip in it. Which suggests that the second Apple Watch Ultra could launch as soon as this fall.
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