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Apple Watch Ultra with the current app display.
This fall, we will, if the natural order of things is followed, see the launch of Apple Watch Series 9. It will have new software on board, more or less guaranteed to be called watchOS 10. And a new leak suggests there will be a new design to this software which sounds minor but could be a game-changer.
The new software, which is likely to work on a whole bunch of recent Apple Watch models. Which means this new feature will work on a lot of wrists.
According to leaker @analyst941, the home screen on the Watch is about to be redesigned. From the first Watch until now, you’ve been able to look at a galaxy of app icons, which look great onscreen but can be hard to navigate. Now, where did I put Headspace again? Oh, yes, there it is, just south of Citymapper.
Alphabetical app list in watchOS 9.
More recent Watches have also offered an alphabetical list view of the apps. I much prefer this, though reaching Activity when you’re looking at World Clock can be a bit of a scroll. There’s no search box on the list view, which would solve this.
“I saved the best for last, watchOS will have a redesigned homescreen layout/grid.
“Heavy details SOON. But it’s going to be much easier to use, move & act more familiar to iOS, including folders.
“Unsure if it will be a third option or replace grid as default.”
Folders will work, it’s said, in a way that’s “very reminiscent of the iOS 4-6 days”. This was when folders were limited in how many apps they could hold, but given that 16 seems to be the most the Watch face could show, that looks like a logical ceiling here. That’s according to the image the leaker has supplied.
This is a render based on what they’ve been told, and shows four rows of three icons. It’s not clear if the icons will continue to be round, but they do give some space between items, so I think they may.
The current software, watchOS 9, is supported by all Watches from Apple Watch Series 4, released in 2018. Maybe watchOS 10 will drop one of these from the list, but maybe not.
Although the new Watch won’t be out until the fall, we can expect to see watchOS 10 at WWDC in early June.


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