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Apple Watch with Space Black Link Bracelet.
When Apple released the first Apple Watch in spring 2015, one of the coolest bands available for it was the Link Bracelet. To this day, it remains one of the dressiest, classiest bands you can find. But the bad news is you may not be able to find it much longer.
It may not be a coincidence that the Apple Watch Series 9 and second generation Apple Watch Ultra are expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 15 series at Apple’s next special event on Tuesday, September 12. A new Watch may see the range of bands updated.
According to a tweet from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, “It may be the end of the road for the best Apple Watch band of all time, with both sizes of the silver link bracelet and the smaller space black version being sold out.”
A quick check online confirms Gurman’s findings: it mostly seems to be sold out online. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s been retired, but with Apple, low or no stock often has a meaning.
As for “the best”, I mean, these things are subjective, so best “of all time” might be pushing it, but it is fantastic, I’d agree. And a quick glance at replies to Gurman on X reveals a passionately supportive group of aficionados. It will be missed, if it’s really going.
The only other stainless-steel band Apple makes is the Milanese Loop, which is also a highly attractive evening-wear band.
The Link Bracelet is also Apple’s priciest band, costing $349 (£349 in the U.K.) or $449 (£449 in the U.K.) if you choose the effortlessly cool Space Black option, a perfect match for the Space Black stainless steel Watch with which it debuted.
There is a little good news to be had, here. First of all, the smaller silver strap and larger Space Black version are available for delivery from the UK Apple Store site, in case you fancy making the trip, and all sizes can be picked up in store, for instance at Apple’s gorgeous Battersea store in London.
Nomad’s titanium band for Apple Watch.
Secondly, there’s Nomad. If you don’t know Nomad, well, you’re not reading enough of my stuff: it’s a great brand that I’m always going on about. Its website,, has a bunch of accessories for Apple and other devices, including leather and metal bands for Apple Watch.
The steel band is cheaper than Apple’s, at $200 both for silver and graphite versions. It also makes aluminum bands for the same price, in silver and Space Gray.
And then there are the titanium bands, also in both colors, which are spectacular and a solid match for Apple Watches in titanium such as the Apple Watch Ultra. This is especially attractive and costs $300. All come with a special tool to adjust the length of the bracelet for a perfect fit.
Though there’s something especially delightful about Apple’s own bands, the Nomad ones are exceptional, and may help overcome the disappointment of losing Apple’s originals—if they do disappear.
If they are to be retired, we can expect to learn more at the Apple special event on Tuesday, September 12.


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