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Apple might ditch Google for Yahoo or Bing in 2015


In 2015, we might see Google losing its post of the default search engine on Apple Safari. Apple joined hands with Google Search way back in 2007; the latest extension of that contract will be expiring in 2015. Rivals of the Mountain View-based search engine giant are thus gearing up to occupy the position that Google currently holds; the two companies that have maximum chances of replacing Google are Yahoo and Microsoft.

Reports obtained from sources close to Apple are suggesting that both Yahoo and Microsoft have contacted Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue to discuss about the plan of bringing in a replacement for Google Search on iOS platform. Microsoft obviously is looking to replace Google Search with Bing, while Yahoo is looking to see its search engine in that spot.


If Bing gets the position, it would not be the first time that it is working in partnership with Apple. Bing is the search provider that Siri, the personal assistant of iOS, uses. That’s not all; on desktops, OS X Yosemite and Spotlight, a desktop search feature of OS X Yosemite, also offer Bing results. Users on those platforms don’t have the option of conducting a search on Google.



Yahoo has also managed to crack an attractive deal recently. Google has been Fire Fox’s default search engine for years, but that spot has now been taken by Yahoo. For the next five years, and probably more, we will see Yahoo playing the role of the default search engine on Fire Fox. This achievement has given Yahoo the confidence to approach Apple in order to convince the Cupertino-based tech giant to make a switch in its (Yahoo’s) favor.


If Apple finally makes any change, it will have a significant effect on the mobile search market share. Considering the level of popularity Google enjoys, experts feel that the majority of the users will go back to Google. However, there will also be a large group of people who will not bother about the search engine they are using; this might bring in big revenues for Bing or Yahoo.

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