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Apple just unveiled Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad.
Apple has just announced that two of its leading software suites, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, designed for video creation and music creation respectively, will now be available for the iPad for the very first time—they have previously only been available for the Mac.
The Final Cut Pro software requires the M1 chip or later to work, so it’s compatible with the fifth- and sixth-generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch, third- and fourth-generation iPad Pro 11-inch and the fifth-generation iPad Air. Logic Pro is more forgiving, allowing any Apple tablet with the A12 Bionic chip or later to run it. Which means: iPad mini 5th-generation, iPad 7th-generation, iPad Air 3rd-generation, 3rd-generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch and later. And all 11-inch iPad Pro models work with Logic Pro for iPad. You need to be running iPadOS 16.4 for both of them.
These are sophisticated and inviting pieces of software, all redesigned so they are a perfect fit for the touch-first interface of the iPad. This means there’s that intimate pinch-to-zoom mechanic to navigate easily, and you can edit stuff just using one interface.
There’s something more immediate about doing this by pressing on the piece of video or audio in question instead of the one-remove action of finger on touchpad.
A new jog wheel has been introduced for easier editing, and you can even use the Apple Pencil to interact with the content. If your iPad has a Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio attached, you can also use keyboard shortcuts, just as you can on the Mac. Apple has designed the new software to be a familiar experience for those who know the Mac versions.
Logic Pro includes more than 100 instruments to make your musical creation varied and subtle.
Logic Pro on iPad, coming on May 23.
The point of software like these two programs is to allow the creative juices to flow with the minimum of interference or delay. The powerful processors in the iPad series mean the apps run fast, with no hanging around.
This can’t make you any more creative, of course, which is what I’d really like, but I appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of programs like this, designed to get out of the way and let you focus on the video or audio at hand.
Something that’s new is the way to pay for the iPad versions: it’s on a monthly or annual basis, and each comes with a month’s free trial so you can see if it’s for you. If it’s the sort of software you only need occasionally, the monthly option is highly attractive: the Mac version of Final Cut Pro costs $299.99, while Logic Pro is $199.99.
In contrast, prices for each or the iPad versions are $4.99 a month, or $49 a year. There’s no suggestion from Apple that the Mac versions will switch to a monthly price.
Both apps are available from Friday, May 23 2023.


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