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Apple Inc. releasing new Apple TV and iPhone 6S this September


Once again rumors have started to surface for the release of new Apple TV. Several reports have emerged stating that the next generation of Apple TV is going to be debuted in the month of September this year, along with the release of iPhone 6S. Earlier, analysts believed that it would be released at WWDC 2015.

Pointing out to the new form factor and significant changes in the design, Buzzfeed reported that the Apple TV will have the faster processors and some major improvements under the hood. We can see a new App Store landing on this little streaming box.

Earlier reports stated that the Apple TV will have a new interface and support for the App Store, which will allow the users to download and use the supported apps. Apart from that, Apple Inc might make this streaming box a part of the HomeKit devices, allowing remote access and more. Certainly, if this rumor proves to be true, then we may see yet another dimension opening up for the Apple Developers.


As of now, developers are only working on iOS, Mac OS X and Watch OS apps, which may soon add Apple TV to its list. But what possibly developer can develop for Apple TV when it is going to have the apps from the App Store, the answer is HomeKit apps. Developers can open a whole new dimension by adding home automation apps to your little streaming box, which in turn will make the Apple TV gain even more sales.

Coming back to the rumor, Apple TV is supposedly going to have even more RAM, better processor and a significant amount of onboard storage for recording shows and installing the apps.

Apart from that, the remote for the Apple TV is also going to have design changes allowing it to sport the haptic touchpad for the controls. SIRI is also be expected to come in it as a part of the software experience.

Talking about the other rumors, Apple iPhone 6 is going to be unveiled in the month of September this year. While some suggest that it is going to be an iPhone 7, Apple legacy says that it is will be named iPhone 6S.

Several leaks appearing on the Internet suggest that the device will have the same design, but there is going to be a lot of new things under the hood.  For example, the new Force Touch in the iPhone 6S and the upgraded A9 chips. Also, we can expect higher resolution Retina display this year.

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