Apple Inc. iOS 9 on iPad, iPhone, iPod to enhance performance and security

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is only a month away from releasing the stable version of iOS 9 or what developers called it the Golden Master seed. One of the top features on iOS 9 this year would be the way it supports multi-tasking on the iPad Air. Though it is not new, as previously, it was only limited to having the users double press the home button and then switch among the Applications. However, with iOS 9 two application can be fitted correctly on the screen, and the user can easily drag out the information from one to another.

This seems like a good approach as it enhances the productivity and is very helpful whenever there is a presentation or something that requires the frequent transition between the apps. iOS 9 can be really useful here.

Apart from this, this new update has also added some new features to enhance the security. Instead of a four-digit passcode, it is now a six-digit passcode. So either you enter that six-digit passcode or unlock using the Touch ID in the supported devices.

Other than that, iOS has already done a lot in improving the security with the iOS 8. Days are gone when anyone could hack and break the security of iOS devices. Even the government cannot break it now if the user refuses to give up the passcode – it is that secure.

iOS 9 has now got a stack view for transiting in between the apps whenever you double-tap on the home button. The developer version of the iOS 9 is still having a lot of bugs such as keyboard won’t work properly, or there have been issues such as app freezing in the device. Which we can assume is probably because the apps are yet to be updated for the iOS 9. Then there are few other glitches in the latest iOS beta, and Apple is probably going to fix them very soon before it releases for the people in general.

There is one more operating system Apple Inc is going to release, and it is the Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11, which is also in the beta phase to the developers. Except few issues with the other Mac OS X applications, such as Safari, Spotlight, the developer edition is ready for any Mac device. The spotlight has some issues that could stop the user from using it.

We can’t forget what Apple did with the release of iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite, and as an Apple user I hope all these issues are fixed before it is even open to the public.

Apple is also going to announce the next iPhone probably on the Sept 9, which soon will be in the stores in a week or two.


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