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Apple acquires AI based software start-up VocalIQ for Siri


In some of the recent events, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) captured a deal over the VocalIQ Ltd. – a U.K. based software company that make computers understand natural human language and reply in the same way. Perfectly done, humans shouldn’t make the robots understand their language, but the robots should understand us. Apparently, the direct impact of it is going to be on the Siri.

Financial details about the acquisition are yet to be disclosed by the company, however, many have estimated it to be somewhere around one hundred million dollars. Soon the company was acquired; Apple spokesperson made a statement that the Cupertino giant buys smaller technology companies time to time without any particular reason or where they will be using it.

We have voice-based operations in the Mac OS X, but only Siri is going to take the full advantage of it in the future releases of the iOS operating system, or may be the Mac OS X. The VocalIQ is also keeping lips tight about the acquisition details.

The software start-up said that their company designs a software that helps computers have even more natural communicating skills. It can understand what the person is saying and also reply in the same natural way. Since, the Cupertino giant uses human voice recordings for the Siri, it feels much closer to the natural language, however, the robotic accent can be readily observed as well.


The newly acquired company is going to help Apple to go beyond the human voice recordings. The software from this company is entirely based on the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, which helps the computer learn and understand a human being over the time. Later, that same computer can speak in frequency aligning with your vocal cords, or even have the conversation just like any other human being.

This new feature isn’t going to land on the iOS anytime soon, however, in approximately two years or with the release of iOS 12, we can expect the smartphones to have Siri with natural language assets. The Cupertino giant is also going to put some focus on the accent as well so that the it improves over the time and gets better in all other accents around the world.

If no other company isn’t having anything similar to it, then probably Apple is going to be the first corporation to produce such technology.


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