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Android M beta available for Nexus devices


Android M has been one of the most buzzed about software options for a smartphone in recent weeks, as more excitement has been built regarding the future of Android. That being said though, as many users are still challenged to get their hands on Android Lollipop, some users who are developers are already getting their hands on Android M. Google announced today though that Android M, would be available in the coming weeks or months for select Nexus users. Specifically, those running Nexus 5, 6, or 9 devices.

The move is one that comes as a slight surprise in terms of getting users ready for another operating system. However, it isn’t necessarily all about getting the next round of users available. It’s about getting more Android users converted to updated version of Android. Perhaps the biggest challenge that Google felt with Android 5.0 Lollipop was getting users converted from older versions of the operating system. While it was something that Google said they were making a focal point with their last operating system – it’s something that has still taken months, and almost an entire year to get those users converted.

Android M

Those who will be eligible to use the updated operating system will be able to download it through the developers portal. Interstingly, Google didn’t announce what the M would stand for. Some people have suggested that it might stand for Marshmallow or Milky Way, since Google regularly works with sponsors, like candy company’s to actually name their operating system. That being said though, it doesn’t mean Google will be definitely going in that direction.



Some of the bigger things that Google is said to be working on with this version of Android really revolve around security and material design. The goal is to make the material design more predominant throughout the entire Android community, rather than just focusing their energy on a few differing things or features. It’s a good approach for a company that is struggling to catch up with Apple in terms of adoption rates. Even while some have had access to the latest version of Android – many haven’t taken it because of the lackluster effort that Google, and participating manufacturers have made to actually get their operating system out to users.

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