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Amravati Store Owner Likely Slain For Posting A Message In Support Of Nupur Sharma

Umesh Prahladrao Kolhe, a 54-year-old chemist, was murdered in Maharashtra’s Amravati district on June 21, exactly one week before tailor Kanhaiyalal Teli was killed in Udaipur by a hacksaw.

According to investigators, Kolhe was allegedly murdered in retribution for a social media post endorsing Nupur Sharma of the BJP, who had made derogatory remarks against the Prophet during a TV debate.

Following a complaint by Umesh Kohl’s son Sanket Kohle, the City Kotwali Police Station in Amravati began an initial inquiry, which on June 23 resulted in the detention of MuddsirAhmadd, 22, and Shahrukh Pathan, 25. Four more people were involved, according to their interrogation, and three of them—Abdul Thoufik, 24, Shoaib Khan, 22, andAdibb Rashid, 22—were detained on June 25. Shamim Ahmed Firoz Ahmed alone.

What do the Police say?

On June 21, between 10 and 10.30 p.m., Umesh Kolhe was heading home after closing his store, the “Amit Medical Store,” when the incident occurred. He was riding another scooter when his wife Vaishnavi, 27 years old, joined him.

Sanket complained to the police, saying, “We were leaving Prabhat Chowk, and our scooters had arrived at the gate of Mahila College New High School. Two men on a motorcycle immediately approached my father’s scooter. One of them used a knife to stab my father on the left side of his neck when they stopped my father’s motorcycle. My father was bleeding when he fell. I halted my scooter and yelled for assistance. Three men left the area on a bike after another man entered the scene.

“The five accused caught so far have told us they sought the help of another accused who gave them a car and Rs 10,000 to escape away,” a senior police officer from Amravati city police said.

According to the Indian Express, Te officer claimed that one of the fugitive suspects had given the other five suspects precise instructions for the murder. When he left the pharmacy, he had requested two of them to keep a watch on Kolhe and inform the other three. Kolhe was impeded by the other three, who also attacked him. In response to Saket’s complaint, the City Kotwali police station filed an FIR.

We discovered during invest the country that Kolhe had shared a WhatsApp post in support of Nupur Sharma on social media. He posted the message on a group by error.

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