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America's titan: Elon Musk – Axios


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Elon Musk is running some of the most important platforms in media … and electric cars … and underground travel … and private space trips … and brain-implanted computer chips … and batteries.
Why it matters: Name a person, perhaps outside the U.S. president, with more commercial and cultural clout.
Driving the news: Musk just reached a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion, putting him in charge of the online public square. That adds yet another lever of control to Musk's already formidable arsenal. (Here's everything he has already said he wants to change about the platform.)
It’s hard to find anyone in history with this much reach into so many sectors of great consequence at one time.
Just consider the numbers:
What to watch: Musk has said he will use Twitter to force a rethinking of free speech, pushing for maximal individual power to say what you want to say — and hear what you want to hear.


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