Ad-free web experience to bring down revenues of Google, Internet blogs

One of the most prominent features of iOS 9 is the ad blocking capabilities, and apparently it has increased the speed of pages that are under the influence of an Ad Blocker. The New York Times tested the effectiveness of the software to know whether it’s making the websites load faster or not.

This has been long gone feature for the desktop PCs, but recently landed on the iOS with apps that are blocking the scripts loading the ads. The NYT first surfed through some of the pages on the Internet using nothing but the Safari browser and without any additional plugins or apps to increase or enhance the browsing experience. Later the same was repeated with an app that merely gives an option, ON or OFF the ads. The data recorded was reflecting faster load times and server response time in the absence of ads.

It was brought to the notice that the websites are often loaded with data-intense ads that can notably increase the load times and also significantly increase the page size, which is something webmasters won’t agree with. The increased page size cannot help in reducing the server response time and is often unhealthy for the user experience.

Ad Blockers can help iOS users to have an improved web experience, and as per the NYT, the publishers should agree upon letting the users use the websites with ad blockers.

However, on the downside, by adding ad blockers, blogs and companies serving ad are going to lose on an average $1 Bn yearly revenue. It will have a direct impact on the Google that drives a 99-percent of its revenue from these ads only.

Apparently, the most affected blogs would be those that are in growing phase. Every free media blog or community you see online is only being driven by revenue from the ads that are being served to their users.

The Ad blockers can improve user experience, but they can also damage blogs that are providing free content in Google search. With this getting popular on the Internet, it is obvious that the almost every person is now going to have the ad blocker on their smartphone or computer. A lot of people are dependent on such services, whether its server company, writer, content creator, video author and or any other. They are earning their bread and butter with the revenue generate from ads.

Ad blocking shouldn’t be the way to increase the page speed. Instead, the Internet giant should come up with techniques that can limit the size of an ad.